Alone Time, It’s Not Just The Time Feel Lonely; It’s Time To Be You

Many people feel alone time as the best thing ever. But you? You view it as a fate worse than death. Instead of relaxing and liking spending time by yourself, you pass the hours sitting your apartment, or wondering what the heck to do with yourself.

Why so many people hate the idea of spending time all by their lonesome. Some people struggle with being alone because they can’t be alone with their thoughts.

It’s kind of painful, that’s even more of a reason to practice being with yourself. Below are some suggestions for happily doing just that, and actually enjoying it.

1. Ease Into Alone Time

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If the thought of using time alone makes your blood run cold. Don’t plan your weekend in long Netflix marathon. Build up your endurance and find activities that you enjoy that also help to calm and distract while you are alone. You might even find it fun.

2. Be Your Own Source of Validation

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It feels pretty great to get constant texts and to have constant plans. But for a moment think and ask yourself why you want this 24 hours attention. Could it be you don’t know how to give yourself validation? In that case, try spending time alone without your phone, tablet, or laptop and really tune into yourself, you’ll soon realize you don’t really need anybody else but yourself.

3. Get On Board With Those Hobbies

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Get yourself involved in new hobbies, Use the silence to read, or knit, or paint, or learn how to cook, or take advantage of an empty apartment and marathon some movies. Try new things, without any distractions.

4. Put Down Your Phone

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If you’ve made the commitment to spend some with yourself, and then make a point to leave your phone out of it.

5. Go Out On The Town

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No one ever said spending time alone meant locking your door and camping out at home. A change in location could do the trick. Go grab a coffee, walk around town, or read in the park.

6. Realize It’s Time To Be Your Truest Self

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Alone time is your chance to be your truest self, so dance around in your underwear, a marathon that embarrassing cartoon, and snack away on whatever you want. It’s really what ‘me’ time is all about?

7. Use The Time To Your Advantage

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A weekend alone is a great opportunity to finish up your undone work. Turn on some music put hair in a ponytail, and get to clean your mess results?! Your apartment will look amazing and you’ll have successfully passed the time.

8. Use The Time For Self Improvement

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You’ve been saying yourself for ages that you must update your blog, or practice the piano, or go for a run. Well, what better time, right? Having alone time means getting to concentrate on yourself and all your personal to-do lists.

9. Work On Your Relationships

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Spending time all by your solitary is way simpler when you know there are people out there who care. A lack of intensity and connection can make you feel less heard, understood, cherished or secure in the fact that you do have someone to call should you need to. Working on your relationships can definitely make it easier.

10. Enjoy the Ultimate Relaxation

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Sometimes, it is necessary to cancel plans, kick back at home, and really pampers yourself. Not only is alone time often a great experience, it’s also a necessary life skill that everyone should have experienced.

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