After Emergency In Delhi Because Pollution; These Places Can Give You Clear And Fresh Air

We are really living in polluted cities; the very air we breathe holds a lot of harmful substances. And according to a study, airborne illnesses are taking more lives each year than the past decade.


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While living in a city that gives all facilities but has the least pollution looks like a dream, it is not entirely true. If you are living in India and is worried that you can’t find a city that has clean air to breathe after knowing the fact that India has 20 most polluted cities in the world, you need not worry. Even India has the best cities to live that are less polluted or not polluted at all.

Below are the top 5 cities in the world which are least polluted. One of these least polluted cities in the world can satisfy your dream of living in a clean city with pure air.

1. Reykjavik, Iceland


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Well, it’s has been enough written about Iceland’s untouched beauty, fresh Arctic air and ice white surroundings, but did you know that Reykjavik’s air condition is brilliant? The city’s air quality has a rating of 87.50 which hints that it’s more than fairly clean and pure.

It looks like the mystery of Reykjavik being the least polluted in the world is due to less population. It has around 120,000 people even though, it is the heart of Iceland’s cultural, governmental activity and economic. So apart from having the cleanest air possible, it might also have the limited sound pollution if less population is an indicator.

2. Whitehorse, Canada


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Turns out Canada has the highest number of ‘least polluted’ cities. Whitehorse, the biggest city in northern Canada, has a rating of 100 which makes it ‘perfect’ for the living.

Whitehorse was built only in 1950, thus being one of the youngest cities in the world; it has great possibilities of better planning and infrastructure. If that is not enough to impress you, then you need to know that this city has the Guinness World Record for having the least polluted air in the world.

3. Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, Finland

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Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is recognized for having a low number of cars and a good life prospect. Thus, we aren’t surprised that pollution levels are much below here. The air quality is as high as 80.95, which states that normal living is a part of the country’s culture.

Having the least polluted air, even being the biggest city in Finland is quite an achievement. One can expect a great level plan for the city’s infrastructure, facilities, and transportation. This medieval city has the beauty and the pure air for you spend the rest of your life.

4. Mysore, India


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Recently, Mysore was listed the cleanest city in India and it does not come as a wonder that it’s also the least polluted one in the country. Its air quality is 84.09, which is extraordinary in terms of Indian standards. Delhi, are you listening?

This one is a shocker to many since India has twenty most polluted cities and no one assumes that it can also have one of the least polluted cities. This is really an accomplishment since Mysore is the 3rd most populous city in Karnataka.

It has many things of appeal. The city is the cultural center of Karnataka, many traveler attractions and above all the purest air you can ever breathe in India. Are you not convinced yet? Then Go to have a look!

5. Zurich, Switzerland


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Zurich, the dream honeymoon stop for most Indians, and the place where you can get tons of Swiss chocolates, is also on the list of cities that are less contaminated. Zurich’s air quality is rated 85.58 which is clearly lung-friendly.

You can never go wrong with Zurich if you ever choose to move here. Why? Because Zurich is the world leader in guarding the climate by following a manifold approach. Climate protection is their first goal. We will be ready to move anytime.

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