Meet Google Duo: A Video Calling App between Devices

Video calling is the best thing and as same as being with someone in person. But often, it can be frustrating & daunting task. More than half of the people never make video calls on their mobile because of reasons like whether the call will connect or the person the call is made to uses the same device or not.

Google duo is releasing today. It’s a simple and one to one video calling app available for iOS and Android for now. It takes the difficulty out of video calling so that one can be in the moment, where they want to be.


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Simple Interface

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The user interface of duo is simple from beginning to end. Getting started with it, you only need to give the phone number and you’ll get access to reach out to the people in your contact list. No other account is required for it and sign up is easy involving a few steps. Then you can at once start video call with a single tap.

Reliable and Quick

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It is frustrating and irritating when a call gets disconnected or when one fails to connect, also when the video gets choppy and blurred. Duo is dependable and quick so that the calls connect fast and can be able to work even when the internet connection is slow.

Quality of the call adjusts to changing network conditions in order to stay connected. When the bandwidth is limited, duo reduces the resolution to keep the call smooth without interruption.
Duo will switch between the cellular data and Wi-Fi in between the video calls automatically without dropping the call. No matter where you are headed, your call won’t get disconnected


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The design of the duo is warm and welcoming, aimed on you and the person called on. The calls should not feel like disturbance and more like an invitation and for this, a feature called Knock-Knock is created which allows seeing the videos of the caller before it gets picked up thereby giving an idea to the receiver that what the caller is up to and why they want to chat. It makes the calls spontaneous hence helping to connect with the person even before picking the call up.

The Duo is built with great emphasis on privacy and security and all the video calls made by it is end-to-end encrypted. Wave at your friends with Duo!

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