Prynt: Turn Your Smartphone into a Camera and Capture your Best Moments

Plenty of fans and followers are travelling abroad along with their print cases. Traveling to a new place gets one overwhelming and capturing each thing you want is a gloomy task. But having Prynt enables you to capture them with its video feature.

Short video clips are embedded into each photo the Prynt takes. Use it when making large murals or street arts for building Pryntoramas.

The snaps can be shared with the family after the trip gets over so that they can see the magic themselves. With it, you can have as many copies as you’d like of your photos to share them with anyone at the same time.


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You can make collage as well once you have all the photos of a particular trip and share it with your friends through social media. Download and install the Prynt application from the store and make your friends do the same so that they can scan your photos from there through the screen directly.

A small French startup has been working on it since January. They spent their time visiting places for sourcing the parts and iterating on simple designs which enable to send photos to the cases over Bluetooth and then print it by heating the paper filled in it with the ink.

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The version out right now takes 50 seconds to print a photo and is able to hold only a piece of paper at a time. But the version for consumers is planned will hold around 30 sheets of paper and photos will get printed in 30 seconds because of better integration and physical and direct connection between the phone and the case.

The case will be costing $99 from early next year and will allow supporting flagship phones with less than 4 inches of screen. The ones compatible with iPhone 6 plus and Galaxy Note is under process.

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The augmented reality feature of the Prynt can it give it a traction which in embedded into the company’s camera app, when the photo gets clicked, iot records a video about the moments around the clicking of the picture and send it to cloud. When you open the app along with holding the physical photo, the video appears instead of the photo.

It is similar to Snapchat, it’s just that physical token allows you to see videos. The company is working for its security by hiding the pixels in images in order to prevent it from being copied.

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In long run, Prynt is looking for ways they can let the user print a photo of a thing captured as an image of a cat for instance and show a video as well when it’s held to the app.

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