Thailand: A Land Of Diversities

Plodding up over lush mountainside to a remote area, pitching through a swiftly moving river in the footsteps of elephants and wandering about in Bangkok’s illuminated luxury malls — through each step, walk into different worlds, each one being beautiful, all in Thailand.


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Also keep in mind the glittering temples, world famous Thai massages to soothe sore muscles and active night markets here.


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There are endless malls and capital markets filled with designer brands and upscale food court, cheap goods where souvenir searchers hustle over utensil prices, trinkets and bracelets. Opulent temples in Bankok are also famous involving Wat Pho, reclining Buddha having stair step monument to royalty called chedis, similar to stupas. Emarald Budhha Temple with gold decked buildings is the most sacred temple of Thailand named Wat Phra Kaew.


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Old city houses more popular temples of Chiang Mai involving Wat Chedi Luang. Its stone dragon still stands guard while the steps have crumbled. Wat Pha Lat is a temple covered in forest here marked by orange fabric strips. Hit the street sellers and restaurants back in tourist centre after hiking. Vegetarian friendly curried rice with fried mushrooms with beef over sticks for non vegetarians. Try fresh pomegranate juice or coconut ice-cream to cool off from the heat.


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Trekking point, elephant tours and other outdoor adventures is there at Chiang Mai. You can book an eco tour trek and stay overnight at a village few hours away the region. The ethnic group there farms rice, cabbage, etc. Wild fruits are cut down and bamboos are chopped to serve into.


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Majestic creatures, iconic but exploited in some ethical ways can be found in Thailand. The park named Elephant Nature allows the visitors to travel along with them, not on their backs. They can keep moving them throughout the park by giving them bananas and melons. In other part of the sanctuary, baby elephants are also there.


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After trekking, look forward to decompress an out of the world beach on the Phi Phi Islands, pronounced “pee pee.” A long tail boat through the choppy waters get the visitors to the Ko Phi Don, the largest islands leaving them windblown and wet from ocean spray and rain. They can witness the green topped rock rising from the Andaman Sea.

The hot spot, Maya Bay is breathtaking but overrun after the movie The Beach made it popular. Even early in the day, it is tough to find a spot free of people posing with selfie sticks. That’s Thailand, country of contrasts.

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