Magnesium: Essential For Fitness. Here’s Why

My nephew cares deeply about his basketball team and asks what he should be doing to get prepared for the tryouts.


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Sleeping and eating well before the tryouts is not the answer he is searching for, a key ingredient, something that would make muscles strong and flexible, deliver him the required energy, leave him well rested and can keep his stress at bay was all he hoping for.

Thinking about it, magic mineral that does all things is Magnesium- with energy, flexibility, muscle strength, sleep and stress management. Basketball tryouts are not a joke. Its effects over the whole body occur after hours of running, pivoting, quick reflexes & muscle use from head to toes. Magnesium works for flexibility and helps preventing injury by loosening tight muscles. Without enough amount of magnesium in the body may cause cramps in the muscles because they can’t relax. Also it can create building up of lactic acid which causes pain post workout and results in tightness.

Food containing magnesium

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Most of the body’s energy comes from adenosine triphosphate, a molecule which accumulates chemical energy from food and uses it for fueling other processes in the body. The production of ATP depends on magnesium.

Magnesium helps the body in producing insulin-like growth factor and don’t build the arm muscles just in time which is an essential part of long-term muscle growth and strength. It also creates a balance and control stress hormones particularly essential for the serotonin production for relaxing the nervous system and mood lifts. Serotonin is responsible for sound sleep. Lack of magnesium suspends sleep because of its role in the production of serotonin but also because it handles the sleep regulating hormone melatonin.


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For efficient hydration, it’s one of the most important electrolytes. Kids for their tryout need to eat real magnesium and potassium rich foods with drinking lots of water. A few magnesium stars include leafy green vegetables, pumpkin seeds, almonds, cashews, flax seeds, walnuts, avocado, brown rice, raw cocoa, beans, pecans and seaweed.

Strong Bones

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Because of low magnesium amount in the body, saliva remains with excess calcium and phosphorous which can damage the teeth and dim that shiny smile.

Magnesium builds strong bones, maintains heart health and prevents diabetes by regulating blood sugar, inflammation and strokes, maintains a balance of PH in the body, enhances immunity and cures constipation. It is really a magic bullet as it performs a crucial role in almost every bodily function.

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