Top 7 Places To Visit In Bahrain

Bahrain is quite a unique destination for a getaway having perks of historical sites and quiet spots. For UAE residents, it is just an hour away making it ideal for a weekend getaway or mini breaks. For a reasonable amount of sightseeing, 3-4 balance is required. The people are friendly here, both the expats and locals.

  1. Qal’at al Bahrain or The Bahrain Fort


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This was Qal’at Al Portugal at a time when Portuguese people invaded here and built a defensive fort. It is actually an area covered in thousands of years of history dating early as 2300 B.C. The Dilmun civilization is the most prolific discovery and most powerful at the time of third millennium B.C. These people traded with Indus Valley Civilization and Harrapans in Asia, Mesopotamia- the oldest one in the world and even Chinese.

2. The Two Seas


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The word Bahrain means 2 seas with freshwater springs on the sea floor makes it a mix of sea water and fresh water. It has its own range of public and private beaches. Both are accommodating and cleaner. One can find a beach every 15-20 minutes from wherever you start. Go picnic or paddling in public beaches rather than swimming and doing water sports. Hit the smaller islands like Jarada and Hawar Islands accessible by speed boats and ferries.

3. Al Fateh Mosque


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It is one of the largest in the world having capacity of 7000 worshippers at a time. It has the largest fiberglass dome in the world. The highlight is the mammoth chandelier from Austria. The walls have Kulfic calligraphy. It has courtyard area, free library of Islamic history books.

4. Dhow Building Sites


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It has been a part of Bahraini culture for ages, given their proximity to sea and trade conducted across countries. It is more of a family tradition, business and skills being handed over from father to son. All the wood used is imported from India. One dhow takes 2 years to complete. The main purpose includes fishing, cargo, pearl diving and passenger transport.

5. Shaikh Isa Bin Ali House


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The palatial residence gives an insight into royal life during 19th century. Wind towers for cooling, spring wells inside the house, summer floors, Indian doors of teak, and other creative ways of life followed by the royal family can be seen here. The Islamic architecture is at its best featuring engraved doors, stained glass windows and arches.

6. King Fahd Causeway


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It is an impressive series of bridges from Saudi to Bahrain, stretching to 25 km, connecting 2 countries. It opened officially to public in 1986.

7. Souks & Streets


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Cultural insights are bought more from markets about a city than anything else. The souks of Bahrain- from spices to exotic oils to beautiful pearls & local sweets are souvenir shopper’s delight. It would be helpful to have a friend who knows Arabic and the area.

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