Standing Out New Year Traditions Across The World

We have collected the New Year celebrations which takes place differently around the world. Not everyone welcomes it with clinking glasses and doing countdowns.

1. Spain


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To be a true Spaniard, eat a grape for 12 tolls of midnight to welcome New Year. This tradition is believed to have got popular back in 1909 by Alicante farmers which were their way of disposing excess of grapes from surprisingly large amount of harvest that year.

2. Italy


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Italians throw their old crockery and furniture out through the window each New Year at midnight which symbolizes letting go of the past year while making way for better things. We can only imagine doing these things singing Demi Lovato’s let it go! song which can help face the cold that will bother anyone anyways as it is a custom to leave the windows and doors open on New Year day to let the good spirits enter while the cold ones can go out.

3. Japan


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Japanese celebrate the New Year with 108 chimes in the temples and shrines all over Japan in the belief that the chimes help people to overcome 108 materialistic and earthly temptations as he enters into a new year and through this moves to nirvana or salvation.

4. Russia


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Russian people write their wish on a piece of paper, burn it and drop the ashes into the glass of grape. Then they have this drink in the hope that their wish will come true in the New Year.

5. Scotland


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Scottish people determine the family’s New Year fortune by seeing the first person to enter the house after the clock striking 12. Where the children are considered to be the epitome of innocence and marks as good first footers, women and blonde haired men have to wait until someone can bring good luck in.

6. Brazil


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Everyone wears white in new year as it represents peace and prosperity, and also do not forget to carry something white if you are celebrating the New Year in Brazil. People of Rio de Janerio assemble with flowers and gifts along the Copacabana beach for the ocean goddess of fertility and motherhood- lemanja. These are drifted into the ocean and if they don’t come back this means that it got accepted by the goddess and that your new year will be prosperous.

7. Denmark


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People of Denmark collect breakable dishes and smash them onto the front porch of their friends’ houses. The bigger the heap is, the more you are liked by others. This thought definitely helps while cleaning the heap later on.

8. Chile


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A walk around through the block with empty suitcase before New Year’s midnight is believed to make travel dreams come true. Also, wearing yellow underwear during the celebrations is considered a major good luck charm.

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