Top 10 Sports Bars In Dubai To Try Out

Try out one of the following Dubai Sports Bar because when it comes to watching live sport, a fan’s choice is quite important. While watching a live sport, you need a pint glass with widescreen TV’s, sports shirts nailed to the wall and lots of bunting. The next time you plan to head out to watch your favorite team at Yas marina circuit, try these bars:-

  1. The Underground Pub


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By design, this is a crashed London Underground 1996 Rolling Stock through the bar, trapping the bar staff inside. The bar is same as London Underground Station with red interior and general darkness. Unlike real underground, it doesn’t stink and is air conditioned.

This bar is ideal for the ones who follow London based teams be that Arsenal or Harlequins and it’s no surprise that it is usually packed of Liverpool fans.

2. The Locker Room

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There is a brace of pool tables with seating. Unlimited TV’s are mounted on the walls so that you can watch multiple sports at once. Group of fans congregate in their own huddles. There are various partitions for different sports to be watched.

3. Barasti

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It’s not a dedicated sports bar however it has many screens with regular promotions. When there is something big comes on like world cup then it goes till whole nine yards. They usually setup a huge screen so the tiniest jockey can follow the action. Camp out the night before, ‘cause it’s a nonstop party.

4. Crown & Lion

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Feel home at crown & lion and watch live sports in pub especially if you are British. The walls are wood paneled with welcoming earthy aromas and it is a kind of place you can go wearing your football shirt and not feeling out of place. It has a pubby environment which compliments several screens and lot of seating. There is enough standing space to squeeze in for big games.

5. McGettigan’s

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While McGettingan’s not an exclusive sports bar chain, they know their conversions from their offside rules. The popular Irish chain is a great place for watching live sports particularly football premier league and any other form of rugby.

6. Harvesters

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It is the home of Manchester united UAE supporters club so by default if nothing else, this homage to the English local is a good place to watch live sports. It may not be spacious but urban pub feel makes the sport watching more intimate.

7. Fibber Magee’s

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It gets tighter and more packed here. The back alley pub is a little slice of Ireland, with barrels, toucan posters and stairway to nowhere.

8. The Huddle Sports Bar & Grill

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This sports bar do the bar food quite well. Bur Dubai and Al Barsha locations are large bars meaning that it is for bigger broadcasts and the atmosphere is superb. It’s not outrageously priced also.

9. Girders

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It’s an industrial themed sports bar located at JA Ocean View Hotel in JBR. Location at the end of the walk means you can shop or eat before you head to catch the game. Another reason is draught taps on the table.

10. Quantum Sports Bar

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The live sports are not surrounded by horse brasses, left wing views on economics & hops sacks. This bar put a sleeker and polished angle on the type. This well appointed, contemporary bar is lined with vinyl ceiling tiles having silver finish of Formica strips & strip lighting.

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