Things To Try Out This Christmas Weekend In UAE

Merry Christmas and an almost new year to all the readers! Following are the top fun things to do this weekend in UAE for Christmas.

  1. Christmas Giving

Father Christmas giving gift to children in grotto

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A Christmas wish tree is setup in the lobby of Sofitel Dubai Downtown where the children from Dubai Center for special needs have put up their wish for this festive span in the hope that it will get granted. If you are around that area, go down and check if there is any wish that you can make come true for them.

2. Winter Wonderland Show


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City Walk has organized a winter fairy tale show with dreamy and magical production this season of festivity. It is on till 28th Dec and shows will take place at 7:20 pm and 9 pm onwards. The production of 40 min portrays a story of a small girl Celeste who believes that the season of winter is full of magic and wonder. The viewers will travel through her dreams where she meets special characters with a winter story to tell and joins with her in the festive ride. A stage is being set up for the show which will be free for the visitors of the destination.

3. Private Karaoke Night


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Hire private pods, also soundproof and gives the fun of karaoke saving the embarrassment of singing in front of strangers. 9 pods have the capacity of over 15,000 tracks with touch screen feature. You can order food and drinks and benefit from props available at the venue. Per capacity for a pod differs from 6 to 15 people.

4. Types of Burgers to Try


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You won’t run out of the options & combinations at the newly opened Big Fernand. There are almost 3,840 possible ones apart from their signature ones. The ingredients consists of French raw milk cheese, beef to buns and homemade sauces along with French fries.

5. Twist to Indian Food


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SpiceKub is best known for twists given to the north Indian classic cuisines, street food and traditional desserts. Brand new branch has opened at Bur Dubai with reinventions of Indian food & desserts including pav bhaji, chaat, kulfi and vada pav.

6. Grooming Session at Siryano

Family Opening Presents In Front Of Christmas Tree

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Gentlemen’s are not left in all this. Gift session at Siryano can be given to the best friend or can be taken for oneself. A calm and peaceful place for grooming in Abu Dhabi where the stylists can be showed the look what a person wants.

7. Festival Fun at Mattel Play Town


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Mattel Play Town will be covered in vibrant colors and decorations as they host different activities for the family to enjoy as one. Children can create holiday nail art in glitters and can decorate gingerbread cookies. Kids can also enjoy with Barney & his friends who will celebrate the holidays in their winter wonderland costumes.

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