What Super Rich People Do To Show Their Status In Style?

From extremely mega-mansions to robotic butlers, there are an increasing number of essential must-haves for the super-rich people. We round up some of the showiest status symbols the world’s wealthiest are snapping up.

1. A Private Island

Picture Courtesy: aboattime.com

As city property costs keep on rising luxury private islands are becoming more and more fashionable for the elite. Some of the best private islands in the world are up for trade for anywhere from 400,000$ to over 64 million dollars.

2. A Supersonic Jet

Picture Courtesy: www.industrytap.com

But to get there, you’re certainly going to need your own private supersonic jet. One nice company, the Aerion Corp., last year took its first order for its 110 million dollar supersonic private jets, which take up to 12 passengers at one and a half times the speed of sound and cut flight times from London to New York to less than 3 hours. Jealous? Well don’t worry; they’ll be in use by 2023, so you’ve still got some more years to get saving.

3. An Electric Supercar

Picture Courtesy: businessinsider.com

Alternative transport has become one of the important status symbols as the super-rich cast aside their Lamborghinis in favor of Teslas electric cars with more high performance. They’re certainly not cheap, though, as the Model X SUV costs around 94,000$. This Back to the Future-style transportation has doors that lift up automatically and can give up to 130 mph.

4. Children’s Cars

Picture Courtesy: hobbypartz.com

Cars for kids have just got a lot more expensive. These vintage, child-size Ferraris are proving favourite among collectors and cost around 24,000$. They’re battery operated and can run up to 7 miles per hour, so at least you know your child won’t be leaving too quickly.

5. A Luxury Tree House

Picture Courtesy: www.funnyprise.com

You don’t have to be a child to experience a tree house anymore. Adults are making luxury condos in trees all over the place. But, of course, these garden accessories come with a heavy price tag. A garden hideout like the above will cost some 200,000$, and this is at the lower end of the scale.

6. Robot butlers

Picture Courtesy: aolcdn.com

Following Mark Zuckerberg’s 2016 New Year resolution to design and program a robotic butler, their human counterparts are now gradually being pushed aside. Segway, Intel, and Ninebot are all creating robot butlers to answer your door and get you a drink. You can even remove this robot’s head and handle it as a hoverboard.

7. An Enchanted Forest

Picture Courtesy: www.mrwallpaper.com

In Spain, ancient olive trees have a rich cultural significance, meaning the rich have started snapping them up for as much as 40,000$. You can even create your own bespoke magical forest. There are lots of companies out there waiting to plant these ready-matured heritage trees for you. Other choices carry Yews, for around 47,000$ and American Sweet Gums for 33,000$.

8. A Kiteboard

Picture Courtesy: squarespace.com

This one is a little more available for those with a bit less cash to splash but is equally as indicative of wealth as kiteboarding has become very favoured among sporty high-net-worth individuals. A top-of-the-range kiteboard might require around 2,700$, but the most elite side of this modern sport is an entry into kiteboarding circles, such as the Mai-Tai Global Festival, which takes around 100 fans together, building an inner circle worth around 6.35$ billion.

9. An Attractive Bodyguard

Picture Courtesy: amazonaws.com

Many celebrities have started showing attractive bodyguards as the new flashy status type. Some of these include Adele’s 25 year old Dutch bodyguard Peter Van der Veen, Heidi Klum’s South African bodyguard Martin Kristen and Jenifer Lawrence’s body man Greg Lenz.

10. A Pass for Unlimited First Class Air Travel

Picture Courtesy: newsapi.com

For the super-rich, luxury travel is just a given. One of the latest status symbols is getting your hands on an Airpass which, for 250,000$, gives you with unlimited first-class travel for your whole life.

11. Exclusive Designer Handbags

Picture Courtesy: www.purseblog.com

Arguably the luxury fashion house Hermes’s most important item, the Birkin bag, seen on the hand of A-listers like Victoria Beckham, Jenifer Lopez, and the Hilton heiresses – is so desired it was recently said to be more important than stocks and gold. Made in every shade of the rainbow in materials covering ostrich and crocodile, the price tag for a Birkin can be as much as 100,000$.

12. Access to Limited Edition Cars

Picture Courtesy: astonmartin.com

Both money and power are the keys to getting the best perks and the same goes for luxury cars. When Ford lately unveiled its GT Supercar, motor enthusiasts were queuing up to get their own. But with only 500 cars made, Ford will pick which applicants, who had to apply online – will be allowed to shell out 400,000$ for the vehicle.

13. A Super Submarine

Picture Courtesy: www.jacktarsuperyachtcharter.com

For the super-rich, it is pretty possible to buy your very own private submarine. This became a reality in 2013 when the ‘Spymaster Orcasub’ went on trade at Harrods for around 9 million dollars. Although there is a cheaper 3 million dollars version available too. This extravagant toy will allow you to remain underwater for 80 hours, going as far as 6,000 feet under the ocean.

14. Ultra Expensive Stocks

Picture Courtesy: sebfor.com

If you’ve got so much cash you’re not sure what to do with it all, then spending it is usually a good place to begin. But for those who really want a showy status, buying stocks in companies such as Berkshire Hathaway has become the latest symbol of wealth, as the price of one share can currently fetch you over 200,000$.

15. Membership of Elite Clubs

Picture Courtesy: elitefitness.com

Membership to exclusive bars, golf clubs, gyms, cruise ships, and hotels has always been, and remain to be, a clear sign of a high-flyer.

16. The Amex Centurion Black Card

Picture Courtesy: nazya.com

To get one of these titanium cards you’ll want to be invited to use for one. While American Express is particular about what it takes to get an offer it’s thought you need to charge at least 250,000$ per year. Once passed, the initiation fee will set you back 5,000$ and after that, there’s a 2,500$ annual fee.

17. A Mega Mansion

Picture Courtesy: dailymail.co.uk

Mansions have always been a pretty good sign of a person’s wealth. But now these modest abodes are constantly growing in scale, requiring the rich to splash out on property at the most luxurious end of the scale. We’re talking about 50 million dollars for some properties.

18. A Superyacht

Picture Courtesy: www.musclehorsepower.com

Submarines might by the new form for the mega-rich to travel, but superyachts aren’t going anywhere. Russian oligarchs, Wealthy CEOs and Saudi royalty all want their own superyacht as a way of reflecting their status, and they don’t come standard. One of the world’s most high superyachts is currently being made and is supposed to sell for 1 billion dollars.

19. A Big Family

Picture Courtesy: luongphan.com

What’s the point of having all of this cash if you haven’t got anybody to use it on? From the Kardashians to the royals, if you really crave to flaunt your wealth, you really want to spread it around. It’s expensive to raise kids anywhere, but paying for a bunch of them to go to special school with full-time nannies screams ‘look at how rich we are’.

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