Fall In Love With Japanese Eatery – Manga Sushi

It is quite easy to fall in love with the Japanese eatery Manga Sushi. Japanese styled Dubai Mall eatery has a funky ambience, anime characters, amazing waitresses and a fabulous menu which has got everything for everyone, also for the ones who have never been to a Japanese restaurant earlier.


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For instance, take one of their appetizers- chicken gyoza. A platter with 4 golden fried chicken dumplings (steamed option is also there for the weight watch people), served with sweet chilli and saikoro sauce for classic Japanese twist to the famous street food sold across Asia. But nothing can beat their TNT martini shrimps.


Picture Courtesy: blogspot.com

Fresh prawns are served coated with tempura, chunky & deliciously sauced in a sweet spicy mayo in a stylish martini glass and it goes by its name, anyone will go mad over.


Picture Courtesy: blogspot.com

Wagyu sliders are another American cult dish which gets a grand makeover with Japanese touch. The three mini burgers have different layers of Mac & cheese noodles, wagyu patties and caramelized onions, presented with purple colored sweet potato chips sprinkled with rock salt.

There is no doubt that this item is considered “House Specials” just as their BOPS’s served with Manga’s signature soya sauce light in temperament. Beef and mushroom option is also there but if you prefer shitake mushrooms, then you know what to order.

Connection with Dubai

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Interesting options are the sushi and sashimi menu with having their own mixes, but go for their mother of dragons dish which is a deep fried hoso maki with salmon, red tobiko and tempura- its signature sauce and fish and chips. This is a Japanese take on the British favorite with sour cream and purple chips along with 2 highly localized sushis – ‘my Dubai roll’, made of lobsters tempura seasoned with harissa mayo which is homemade, gold leaf and Godzilla in Dubai made of deep fried wasabi prawns and freshly diced mangoes. Each dish is a delight & a legend in its own right.

Source Url: http://propertyfind.ae/fall-in-love-with-japanese-eatery-manga-sushi/


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