Checkout-Free Grocery Store Is A Reality Now. Amazon Has Done It

Amazon has kept the secret for long now, but now they have revealed a real grocery store which comes with a twist that it doesn’t have a checkout process. People can just grab the stuff they want & walk out. The order will get posted to your Amazon account afterwards. With no cashiers, no lines and no fumbling over credit or debit cards, the experts also agrees that Amazon Go have the trace of future retail in it.

According to Amazon, all you need is the app to start shopping when it will be opened for the civilians. Currently it is available only to their employees in beta with the launch date set of early 2017.


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Amazon seems not to reveal details of its just walk out shopping experience. This lowers down to the talk to computers, sensors & all the system work. The use of artificial intelligence throughout the store tells which direction customers are looking. The retail tech specialists give in that Amazon uses advertised system, RFID & machine learning techniques today.

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The retail tech companies are already hard at measuring people as they find out physical stores and shop. Many companies like RetailNext, Nomi are also part of this trend. This is not because they can upsell customers or targets them on more products and in-store promotions. It is only because they want to track people. Aggregate data on what customers buy helps the store in deciding the layout, reporting to the shareholders and other benefits.


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Amazon Go does link products to individuals which give the store, ability to track customers using their Wi-Fi address, helping Smartphones interact with real world items; others use beacons and video analytics. By attaching products to persons while they leave the store is something new in solving the problem. Shoppers of grocery often put back the things in wrong aisle. Groups like families need to have a virtual cart instead of being charged on the basis of smartphone they posses.

Amazon is located differently for these kinds of problems. It has the experience which comes useful like warehouses, AI competence which addresses the hurdles. These are the technology building blocks.


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Amazon uses the blend of sensors and technology as it proudly claims. They require computer vision to see what people are looking at and picking up. Sensors placed on shelves, a mobile device application tied to the individual user to their identity (going through scanning the QR code) & RFID to verify each particular item.

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