You Can’t Imagine How Much Moon Can Effects On You

After that supermoon phenomenon, there are many things about the moon you definitely want to know. According to traditional belief, the Moon affects our health, our mood, and even our behavior. But what exactly are these influences? Are they real or just tales?

Do you ever think as though you don’t sleep as well in the lead up to the full Moon? If so, you’re far from being only. According to a Swiss study written in the scientific journal Current Biology, this celestial body does indeed affect our sleep. Researchers studied 33 people’s sleep cycles in a laboratory over many days.


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They found that during the 4 days leading up to and following the full Moon, they didn’t sleep so well. As well as getting an extra 5 minutes to get to sleep, participants slept for 20 minutes less and their deep-sleep phase was lessened by 30%. Their levels of melatonin, the sleep hormone, were also under.

Children also have their sleep interrupted by the Earth’s natural satellite. In 2016, researchers analyzed the sleep of 5,800 children aged between 9-11 from 12 various countries. They found that they slept for 5 minutes less during the full Moon. Scientists still don’t know what generates this disruption, but according to some hypotheses, it is just due to the light ’emitted’ being stronger during this lunar phase.

Detoxing is an especially fashionable idea these days. You can find hundreds of many detox recipes and methods with an online search. What you apparently didn’t know, however, is that some naturopaths think that the Moon is capable of detoxing our bodies. As the theory goes, given that this satellite is capable of commanding the tides, it does the same thing in our body. The effect is that during a full Moon, blood circulation is raised which helps to cleanse organs including the liver and the kidneys. It’s worth noting, however, that this theory isn’t backed up by any scientific studies.


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If you want surgery, it might be best if your surgery is scheduled during a full Moon. A 2013 study in the medical journal Interactive Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery found that patients who underwent emergency heart surgery had a weaker rate of mortality on evenings when there was a full Moon. They also had a shorter recovery time. They settled in the hospital for 10 days, 4 days less than average.

Should you avoid walking the roads on evenings when there’s a full Moon? Not really. A 2005 study issued in the medical journal Psychiatric Services concluded that psychiatric emergencies between the times of 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. are no more common before, during or after the full Moon. In other words, it has no impact on mental health.


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According to one story, doctors and nurses make more mistakes during a full Moon. However, a 2009 study in the medical journal Anesthesiology, this belief holds no water whatsoever. Researchers observed absolutely no link between the lunar cycle and medical errors. So, don’t panic!

Although some people might criticize their irritable mood on the Moon, there have been no examinations to prove that the Earth’s satellite can make us more competitive. However, a study issued in Psychological Reports in 1986 did find a low correlation between violent schizophrenic episodes and lunar phases. Researchers observed that violent or aggressive episodes among people suffering from schizophrenia increased by 1.8 % during a full Moon. Are maternity wards inundated during the full Moon? Not certainly, if we’re to believe a Japanese study. Researchers studied 1,000 births in a Kyoto hospital to discover out whether the Moon had any control. They discovered that the Moon had no impact on the birth rate except in one particular case: during a supermoon when the satellite reaches its nearest point to Earth. It’s only during supermoons that doctors recorded a bigger number of births than average.


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Another myth says that it’s just as risky to go out without sun protection in a full Moon as in the middle of the afternoon on a sunny day. You might get ‘moon-stroke’ but before hurrying to the nearest drugstore to ask for some ‘moon’ cream, you should know that the danger of burning your skin in this way is very low. The light flashed by the Moon just isn’t strong enough to harm your skin.

If you’re pregnant, don’t worry if your due date falls on an evening when there’s a full Moon. No studies have scientifically shown that the full Moon rises the risk of a C-section. There is also no connection between the phases of the Moon and the risk of miscarriage, birth defects or having twins or triplets.

The Moon influences bleeding? According to a Spanish study, there is a correlation between evidence of gastrointestinal bleeding and the phases of the Moon. More research requires being carried out, however, as this study is questioned in the scientific world. For the moment, then, you can find that your chances of cutting yourself are no higher when a full Moon than at any other time.

The Moon’s impact on the menstrual cycle? This is one of the best-known effects of the Moon on the human body. Given that a woman’s menstrual cycle lasts for an average of 28 days, and that a lunar month lasts for around 29.5 days, it’s easy to jump to conclusions. But what does science say? Researchers examined the menstrual cycles of 826 women aged between 16 and 25 and found that around 30 % had their period during the full Moon. This is not the majority of women. However, it does imply that the Moon might play a role.


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At one time, it was considered that epileptic seizures were caused by witchcraft or through being controlled by a demon, particularly during a full Moon. It wasn’t until 2004 that a study, issued in Epilepsy & Behavior, finally cleared this myth. The Earth’s natural satellite has no link with epileptic seizures or their frequency.

Just after the full Moon is the perfect time to undergo any type of surgery, according to one myth. Why is that? Because as the Moon wanes, scar generation on both small nicks and big cuts is much more effective the myth has it that cuts bleed less, and that injuries will be less obvious and more ‘attractive’. But before listing any surgery during this period of the lunar cycle, it’s essential to note that no studies have confirmed or false this belief.

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