Hey Whatsapp Lovers, Here Is A Video Calling Feature To Enjoy. Try It Now

In a big world of social networking apps, there is no one who doesn’t use any chat messaging service and WhatsApp is the quite popular one. WhatsApp has certainly opened up its much-expected video calling feature for all OS. Beginning from November 15, this new feature will be rolled out to the users within a few days. Earlier in October, the video-calling feature was up for grabs in the beta version of the messaging app, but just for Android users. WhatsApp had added the voice-calling feature in 2015. There are many other messaging apps which allow the video calling service, but WhatsApp’s incorporation is going to be exciting as it boasts of more than a billion users. In fact, it is remarkable that with its resources and technical knowledge, it could only come up with the feature so delayed.

Picture Courtesy: blog.whatsapp.com

Video calling is a highly expected service on messaging apps. Facebook has always been innovative when it comes to virtual communication, from texts to voice. WhatsApp has rolled out its highlights with long gaps. After the app started in 2009, it introduced group chats only in 2011 and voice chat 4 years after that. Facebook had acquired WhatsApp in 2014 for 22$ billion, and this year has been the most productive for the app, with the extension of an end to end encryption, desktop versions, gifs and doodles and much more.

WhatsApp reportedly declared that it has 160 million active users in India. In a statement, WhatsApp said, ‘we want to make these highlights available to everyone, not just those who can manage the most expensive new phones or live in countries with the best cellular networks,’ the company stated in its announcement, published today.’


Picture Courtesy: indianexpress.com

The new video calling highlight will work on smartphones running on Android 4.1 or above, and in iOS and Windows phones as well. The video-calling highlight will work just like WhatsApp voice calls. When the users click on the little phone button on a person’s contact, WhatsApp will ask the users if they want to start a voice call or a video call. Users just require updating the app for this new highlight to come in it.

WhatsApp will be facing with Hike, Microsoft’s Skype, Facebook, the new Google Duo and Apple’s FaceTime. WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum announced Reuters that video calls will be rolled out to 180 countries within hours after the feature is launched at an event. Koum said, ‘We certainly try to be in tune with what our users need. We’re obsessed with making sure that voice and video run well even on low-end phones.’ Reuters reported that Koum stated that upgradations in phone cameras, battery life and bandwidth had made it achievable for a significant part of WhatsApp users, even those using low-priced smartphones.


Picture Courtesy: www.androidpit.com

So WhatsApp messenger lover gets ready to experience new feature added by WhatsApp and now enjoy video calling with friends.

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