Want to watch a Movie this Week? – Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them

The premiere happened of the recent movie of the wizarding world of harry potter in UAE, all of them loved it at the Novo Cinemas in Dubai Festival City Mall at the Imax screen making the 3D experience more memorable. Following are some facts before you go watch it:-

1. Movie Plot


Picture Courtesy: britbound.co.uk

The plot of the movie as well as the screenplay is written by J.K Rowling. Newt Scamander, zoologist for magical creatures reaches America for his research. Unaware of the happenings in America because of an unaware creature, leading to increased tensions between Muggles and Wizarding Community, he gets arrested by ex-auror Tina but they turn allies along with her sister Queenie who is a leglimens (mind reader) and Jacob Kowalski, an unsuspecting Muggle. The magical government of USA is struggling to keep peace.

2. Cast


Picture Courtesy: srcdn.com

Award winning star Eddie Redmayne plays the character of Newt Scamander; there are three new characters, Dan Fogler, a Muggle who assist Newt in his adventure brings some humour to the plot, Tina & Queenie played by Catherine Waterson and Alison Studol are the witch sisters. Other key characters are played by Ezra Miller & Colin Farrell.

3. Pottermore Website

Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling poses

Picture Courtesy: bustle.com

This website has snippets of magical history and information regarding magical life outside Europe. Pottermore helps their fans find out more about wizardry across the world, so if you haven’t already visited the official Harry Potter site, there is no better time to do so. It is the answer to your questions of ‘what after Deathly Hallows’.

4. This is not the End


Picture Courtesy: srcdn.com

Fantastic Beasts have 4 movies coming up in its series and honestly the fans can’t wait for more. The next ones will show more about Grindelwald and Dumbledore and their lives before Voldemort.

5. Johnny Depp


Picture Courtesy: nerdbastards.com

The award winning and very much loved actor plays a small cameo in the movie. The casting for the character he plays couldn’t have been better. His 10 second of sharing the screen in the movie is what makes you look forward to every other movie in this series.

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