Rings That Every Girl Wants To Own For Her Engagement

It is thought that the engagement ring which is given by a husband or fiancé reflects his love of the women who gets it. For this reason, every man tries to gift the best and most attractive engagement ring for his lover to be able to own her heart and reflect his true love. Engagement rings vary in their shapes, colors and prices to make everyone chooses what suits his funds. Those men who are known to be very rich care about just one thing when they purchase an engagement ring and it is the value of the ring as the more valuable the ring is, the grander it will be. It does not matter whether the ring that is chosen as a rare one is the most beautiful or not. It is only about its value relating to other engagement rings that are traded or even were sold before. Every girl is always fascinated by beautiful jewellery and it’s not wrong if a girl expects beautiful and costly ring for her engagement. Many rich tycoons tried to gift precious ring to their girlfriend or wife. Here are few listed who gave costly ring to their spouse.

5. Jennifer Lopez’s engagement ring

Picture Courtesy: weekendcollective.com

it’s a 4$ million which is given by marc Anthony to jennifer lopez. It is a Neil Lane blue diamond ring that was an engagement ring to Jennifer Lopez by her ex-husband Marc Anthony. The ring stars a large diamond which weighs 8.5 karats to make the ring one of the unique and most expensive pieces of Lopez’s jewelry as it costs 4$ million.

4. Grace Kelly’s engagement ring

Picture Courtesy: nbcnews.com

Grace Kelly’s engagement ring is worth 4.06$ million. This Cartier diamond engagement ring stars an emerald-cut diamond that weighs 10.47 karats with 2 diamond baguettes on its sides. The ring was gifted by Prince Rainier III of Monaco to his wife Grace Kelly. The cost of the ring is approximate 4.06$ million.

3. Paris Hilton’s engagement ring

Picture Courtesy: ibtimes.com

4.7$ million Paris Hilton’s engagement ring is soo beautiful and expensive. It is a 24-carat white gold ring that is made with a rectangle-shaped diamond with 2 triangle-cut baguettes around it. This tremendous ring was given to Paris Hilton from her ex-fiancé Paris Latsis and it costs nearly 4.7$ million.

2. Beyonce’s engagement ring

Picture Courtesy: files.shandymedia.com

– 5$ million Beyonce’s engagement ring is soo stunning. It is the most precious engagement ring that was presented at our modern time. This Lorraine Schwartz platinum ring is made with an octagon-cut diamond that weighs 18 karats. This beautiful ring was presented to the famous artist Beyonce by her husband Jay-Z. The ring costs 5$ million to be ranked as the 2nd most costly ring on our list.

1. Elizabeth Taylor’s engagement ring

Picture Courtesy: www.ritani.com

Elizabeth Taylor’s engagement ring is the cost is 8.8$ million. The most valuable engagement ring in the whole world is possessed by Elizabeth Taylor. It was gifted to her by her husband Richard Burton. This dazzling ring is made with a large Asscher-cut Krupp diamond that weighs 33.19 karats and is known as a pure and clear diamond. The ring was sold at an auction by Christie’s in Dec 2011 to an Asian collector for 8.8$ million.

Source Url: http://propertyfind.ae/rings-that-every-girl-wants-to-own-for-her-engagement/


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