Flying Drones Are Here To Replace Your Love For Selfie Sticks

Selfie sticks are now going to be out and new revolutionizing Drones are in. That’s at least according to the new stream of selfie drones that have woven their way into the single picture-taking market. The whole point is to let a proper camera wander about freely in the air. From drones with auto-follow technology to wearable cameras, we pick out six amazing camera drones that are moving the selfie stick out of business:

Hover Camera

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the Hover Camera. This is surely the crème de la crème of selfie-taking user drones, with an auto-follow focus that follows and records you wherever you go. The images created from the hover are super sharp, it has 4K video and 13-megapixels, while the drone itself is little and light enough to fit into your handbag or bag easily. Best of all, it doesn’t even need a remote control. All you need to do is just free it in the air and let it fly by itself and it’s just cost 599$.

DJI Mavic

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The Mavic may be very small, but it is clearly no pushover. This petite drone is really quite the powerhouse, and can hit a most flight time of 27 minutes; which is actually very long for a drone its size, plus it has free flying capabilities and comes with DJI goggles – headgear that gives a real-time video feed of your drone’s POV view. In terms of video recording, the Mavic supports 4K video at 30fps. This is clearly one for the pros and this one cost is 999$.


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Pocket-sized and foldable, the Dobby is an intelligent drone that has all the specialties that any drone hobbyist would appreciate. There is an auto-follow function, facial recognition technology, as well as GPS positioning. It might look like an over-elaborate power bank, but this small device has the ability to shoot 1080p FHD videos and 13-megapixel photos simply, plus, you can just let it take off with a small lift of the hand. Now that’s impressive and it’s just 399$.

Roam-E Selfie

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those portable mini-fans that you can keep in your palm? The Roam-E Selfie looks exactly like that, just that it’s a drone and almost as long as a typical human forearm. But why is it good for taking selfies? Well, this sleek device comes with built-in smart facial recognition tech, and it’ll let you take beautiful 360° shots as well as record live streaming videos, ideal for posting on social media and price is 399$.


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Okay, so the Nixie isn’t accurately new, though ironically, it hasn’t been on the market since it was declared way back in 2014 and development has been really slow. However, when it formally launches, it might just turn out to be a much decent option for users who want something manageable and fun at the same time. This device is really a wearable piece of tech that can fly off your wrist to open into a remote-controlled quadcopter. Nothing too complicated over here for first-time drone users. The thing is the price for this drone is N.A.


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What makes the Lily unique is its waterproof capabilities. That alone makes it an attractive choice for bringing out to camping trips or for taking those outdoor clicks, where there is running water nearby, like a lake or fall. Other than this really cool feature, the Lily is much powerful as well and it has a 12-megapixel camera, it can record 1080p HD video at 60 fps, and even greater, this beauty doesn’t need a remote control like the Hover. You can just free it and let it works its magic. Price for this drone is 899$ but you need to pre-order.

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