Don’t Know How To Show Love To Your Lady? This Might Help You Boys

What are that few things and ways to make your partner feel appreciated, loved and pampered? Woman has been always a mystery for man. She’ll always like jewellery and flowers. But we assure she’ll love the little things like snacks and backrubs even more, especially if she isn’t demanding them. Here are some simple gestures that will make your partner feel the love.


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Try the idea to make Breakfast Ready for your partner. Breakfast in bed seems good in theory, but in fact, you’re just eating eggs amidst tangled sheets and bundles of laundry. Instead, set breakfast out at the kitchen table for your woman on a weekday morning. Isn’t it a great way to surprise to give a treat like this, what could be better than waking up on a Monday and not having to eat your own cereal?

Make a List For the Week. Some weeks are just difficult than others. If you know your companion has a challenging week ahead of her, write her a list of 7 things or more you love about her. One for each day. Trust us; it will surely make her smile.

Just try to take care of her chores. Does she need new windshield wipers? Does that irritating hinge on the bedroom door always sound? It only takes a few times to tend to these things, and they’re presents that keep on giving.


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Give Her Extra Encouragement, because every woman loves some encouragement now a then. If she has a big presentation coming up, set a calendar note for 30 minutes before the big event. That way, you can leave her a note and assure her she’s going to ace it.

Make a Modern-Day Mix Tape. Don’t undervalue the power of a playlist. They don’t always have to be sappy, either. Make a killer mix of the best ‘80s power ballads, or an album full of remixes of a song she likes. Everyone needs something good to listen to on the drive home.


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Ditch Your Phone sometimes. There’s no way your phone is more appealing than her face. So turn it off the table when you’re having a meal. Nothing increases loving feelings like some good, old-fashioned eye contact.

Make a plan to build a Bath. Make your girl a quick, handmade bath potion with lots of love. It can be as easy as Epsom salts, the contents of a few black tea bags, and a drop or two of her favourite scent. Store it in a jar and draw her bath at the end of a hard day.


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Sometimes it’s difficult to come up with a romantic plan on the fly. So keep a running list on your phone of fabulous ideas and gifts. Listen to what your partner tells and take note. She’ll usually tell you how she wants to be admired. So always ready to give her your love and attention. It might be going to stays in her heart forever.

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