These Nations Still Has The Generous Heart For Strangers

This world has quite a history and there are many examples , which proves how human has tried to survive either it’s about surviving from nature’s rampage and disasters or it’s about continuing and improving their cultures from other religions. But today’s world has been changed a lot if we are talking about human kindness and generosity. So, we have just tried here to give you knowledge about world’s ten most generous nations,

10. Malaysia

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The World Offering Index gives countries scores on volunteering, helping guests and donating money, which are then blended to give it a global ranking. While Malaysia may have fallen from 7th place, its people still score well for assisting strangers and ranked 27th globally and donating funds ranked 17th but the proportion giving time to volunteer has fallen from 41 % to 37 %.

9. Ireland

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The country drops from 4th place in the 2014 rankings. When it comes to giving funds, the Irish are the 8th most generous in the world but the proportion of those like to help strangers has dropped, making it the 37th most stranger-friendly nation.

8. Sri Lanka

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The country has a great commitment to volunteering. It is ranked 2nd for giving up the time to help others and 48 % of its people take part in a volunteering action.

7. The Netherlands

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Following it’s first-ever position outside the top 10 last year, the Netherlands has returned in 7th place with rises across all 3 measures: volunteering, helping a stranger and donating money.

6. The United Kingdom

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Last year the UK was joint 7th with Malaysia. This year there was a small increase in the proportion of the population volunteering. It’s 32 % compared with 29 % last year.

5. Australia

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Not much action from Australia this year. It has moved just one place higher from 6th to 5th driven by a rise in giving to charity is 6% and time spent volunteering 3%.

4. Canada

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Fewer Canadians gave cash this year but 44 % of the population offered up the time to volunteer.

3. New Zealand

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New Zealanders were the 4th most active nation for volunteering this year and the number contributing money to charity rose by 11 %.

2. USA

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The US was joint 1st last year, and now drops to 2nd place. This was driven by a 5 % decrease in those giving money, putting it 12th in the world for charitable donations. But a very large proportion of the population helps strangers with the US only beaten on this by Liberia and Iraq.

1. Myanmar

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For the 3rd year running Myanmar topped the donation and volunteering, with 92 % of people donating funds in 2014. Most people have devoted Theravada Buddhists, and charitable offering is essential to their religion. While donations lead to be small, many give daily.

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