You Cannot Find More Expensive Object On Earth But This?

we human always fascinated by immense structure or objects like biggest planet in our solar system or biggest machine and The thought of the most precious object on Earth might bring up mental images of skyscrapers and extravagant structures, but a new nuclear power plant in the U.K. is surprising us all, and some calling it the most precious single object on Earth. So, how does it compare to other buildings?

Hinkley Point C nuclear power station is supposed to cost 35.8 billion (£24.5 billion) to build, according to the European Commission, and when finished in 2023, it will produce 3.3 gigawatts of electricity – 7 % of the U.K.’s total energy needs.


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The plant will be developed by French Power Company EDF, and it will be the 1st nuclear power plant in the U.K. in thirty years. But it’s significantly more expensive than the previous one, Sizewell B, which was finished in 1995 at a cost of only 6$ billion (£4.1 billion) at today’s prices.

To find some true match, we need to look elsewhere such as the Big Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, which is the largest machine in the world. The development of the LHC was about 4.75$ billion, although if we add the experiments and the annual costs of running CERN, then the total value so far is 13.25$ billion, just over a third of Hinkley Point C.


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If we are concentrating on successful scientific structures, the two LIGO facilities that found gravitational waves earlier this year cost 620$ million. You could develop 57 of those with the same money that the Hinkley Point C power plant is going to require.

But there are two plans that have been more costly to the human race. The Gorgon liquefied natural gas project currently being developed in Western Australia by Chevron is supposed to cost 54$ billion by the time it is finished.

And the most valuable single item ever created is not on Earth at all, but orbiting over our heads. The International Space Station (ISS) is expected to have cost more than 115$ billion. Although the cost tag is high, the technologies produced for space end up being used on Earth, hence the benefit of the many countries that footed the bill.


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So, Hinkley Point C perhaps isn’t quite the most valuable project ever, but it is pricey, leading to some controversy surrounding its development. However, as engineering lecturer Dr. Ben Britton from Imperial College London describes to IFLScience, there are other parts to take into account for a plan this expensive. ‘It is worth clarifying that for the first time for a nuclear power plant make, the price of Hinkley Point C includes decommissioning and waste management costs, he stated.

So, today it’s the most expensive objects on earth and supposed to not to surpassed by any future plan till now. But it’s also true that human can’t stop making and planning more stunning and amazing plan and we just can wait for next immense and costly plan to hear.

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