Life Doesn’t Stop Infect It’s A New Start After Retirement

How to Live a Purposeful Life after Retirement is a question somehow everyone thinks on, cause one day they’ll retire from their job or after certain age everybody wants peace and comfort life. After the kids have grown and you’ve retired, having a purpose in life might help extend your lifespan.

Keep both your mind and body working doing things you already love, but supplement with new skills, too. Having a sense of direction could score years to your life, according to a study issued in 2014 in Psychological Science. Researchers from Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario, and the University of Rochester in New York, followed the physical and mental health of more than 7,000 American adults ages 20 to 75 for 14 years, and found that those who believed they had a purpose or direction in life outlived those who did not.

Once you retire and your children have moved home, it’s easy to feel as though you have nothing left to achieve. But older adults can still have career aims and direction. Possibly by following one of these ways to live a more purposeful life.


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1. Its very important for old people gets in shape and do some activity frequently and keep their body healthy and joining a Gym is a good idea. You can also make friends and participate in self-reinforcing group exercises. Making dates with your gym friends fills your calendar and gives you something to look forward to.
2. Do you remember what your favourite pastime was before you retired; maybe it’s crocheting, gardening, dancing, or golf. You may need to change your hobbies to meet your physical abilities, but you can and should still do the things you enjoy most.


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3. Try to become Politically Active. Older adults have time to visit city council meetings and share their wisdom and their experience, Consider serving on the campaigns of nominees whose views you admire. If you’re unable to go to campaign headquarters, volunteer to make phone calls from your home.
4. Retirement doesn’t mean you retire from life, learn a new language or travel somewhere you’ve never been. Redirect your purpose once you retire to redefine how you use your time.


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5. If you feel that you’re not very tech-savvy, for instance, sign up and discover how to better use the computer and social media. If you’re homebound, takes courses online.
6. Volunteer for something. It could be the local food pantry or library could likely utilize your help, and so could area hospitals and nursing homes. Volunteering will get you out and with people of all ages, and having to be somewhere to do something regularly will keep you feeling needed.


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7. Keeping active intellectually is as important as staying active physically. Plan trips to local art galleries, go to science centres, museums, and see what you can recall. If you aren’t able to go out, you can visit many cultural institutions online.
8. Look for neighbors or members of your church or senior center who are interested in bridge, similar pursuits, poker and form a group that meets frequently to play.
9. Use your professional abilities. If you were an accountant before retirement, you might offer your services at tax time to help other seniors. If you were a teacher, consider recording books for the visually impaired.
10. Use your time to help neighborhood families with childcare needs. It could even bring in a little extra cash.

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