Keep In Mind These Factors When You Want To Settle Down To Your Perfect Place

It’s hard to visit a place in terms of whether it is livable. On our travels around the world, we said so many times ‘I could live here’ But we are quite adults to understand that living in a place, and visiting a place, are two very different things.


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If we try to think individually everyone has different factors to make their choice as a liveable place. For some is could be the beach near the house but for some, it could be the opportunity to find the job. Well, the main first thing to feel make a place liveable is climate, you might be not agreed with this.

The climate is a major factor in what makes a place livable. What makes a place livable is more about a balanced and consistent climate.


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Some can handle cold winters if you know the number of months each year of winters for certain place and the lifestyle caters to the cold. Like Australia has an image of hot and sunny weather. The north of Australia is HOT, although it has a wet season so it’s not always dry. The weather in Australia to be so inconsistent and a lot of the places in Australia lack insulation and heating.

Perth, it is the remotest city in the world and would cost you a fortune if we wanted to go to a lot of places you love, internationally and domestically.

If you want to live in a place that has a little bit of action and lots of options, restaurants, cafes, parks and biking trails. If you like to attend live concerts and festivals, so you need to explore the perfect place for you but keep in mind to know about the climate of that place.


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Open Spaces is the second factor to keep in mind. Like Tokyo it’s a vibrant and a big city but sometimes you can feel squashed and unable to process the frenetic energy. In Bangkok, it’s non-stop buzz and pollution and noise. It was hard to find a place to chill out. London, although big and populated, always seemed so spacious- except for when you rode the tube. Melbourne is currently doing a GREAT JOB of checking off vibrancy and open spaces.

Well, some just want to connect to nature like beaches, lakes or rivers and nearby mountains and forests. Nobody wants to just live in a concrete jungle. Mentally and energetically, you need to live in a place that allows connecting to nature.

Outdoor living is also very important. You can’t live in a place that facing rains and drizzles most of the months in a year. Many people like getting up early, walking, exercising and exploring nature.


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Good transport system and walkable. This is one has a point to look on about place. Dublin won on the most walkable city to live. Melbourne has a ton of great transport options from cycle ways to trams to trains to walking.

And the last thing to look on is Cost of living. Let’s face it, at the end of the day, we might find the most comfortable place in the world, but if we can’t afford it, it doesn’t matter. if there are no or fewer Job opportunities what’s is the point to find the heaven , tragically the fact is we human can’t sustain without money, so, You might find your paradise, but if there is no work, then it has to stay just a dream.

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