Things You Need To Know If You Are Buying New Phone

Nowadays buying a Smartphone can be a confusing experience. Prospective buyers can learn a lot about the newest phones by seeing reviews, but there are some traps that often go overlooked.

There are some mistakes you can make when buying a new Smartphone. These are issues you should always look to avoid.


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  1. Buying Ahead Of A New Model – Purchasing a fresh phone just before the release of the latest model may be the biggest mistake you can make. Even if you don’t want the latest and greatest Smartphone, you can store quite a bit of money by waiting for the latest model to go on sale as Apple, for example, customarily reduces the price of the previous iPhone by 100$ when the latest one goes on sale.

For other manufacturers, the situation is mostly the same. In April, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 saw its price fall by 200$ at some carriers around the time Samsung released its current flagship, the Galaxy S6.

Smartphone manufacturers typically observe a regular pattern, launching a new model about every 12 months. Before you purchase a phone, check to see when it was first released. If it’s more than 9 months old, consider waiting.


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2. Not Getting Enough Storage – If you’re thinking to install a lot of apps, download music, take lots of photos, and record video, you’ll need large storage. Mostly smart phones are offered in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB varieties. For some, 16GB may be satisfying space, though as apps continue to increase in size, 32GB is increasingly viewed as the bare minimum. Apple demands a premium for extra storage, as do most of its opponents, but it can be money well spent, as it isn’t likely to upgrade the storage space later on.

Some handsets support micro SD cards, but many don’t. Even then, there are restrictions like many apps cannot be installed on a micro SD card.


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3. Not Getting A Phone That Has The Apps You Want – Apple’s iPhones and Android handsets will mostly have access to the most attractive apps. But lots of apps are exclusive to Android, while the iPhone has lots of exclusive games and some social networking apps. Windows Phones and BlackBerry 10 handsets are rarer, but if you buy one, know that you may not be able to use many of your popular apps.

If you’re an iPhone owner purchasing another iPhone, or an Android owner purchasing another Android, most of your apps should carry over. But if you’re thinking to change to a different platform, make sure you’ll be able to use your preferred apps.


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4. Purchasing A Phone That Won’t Work With Your Carrier – The handsets market is changing. 2-year contracts with subsidized smart phones are falling by the wayside, followed by no-contract plans that let subscribers bring their own phones. You can save a ton of money buying a used phone, or buy a phone straight from the manufacturer, but make sure it’s compatible.

Not every handset will work with every carrier. Many carriers rely on different LTE bands, and a lack of particular bands on a phone can result in a sub-par signal.


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5. Buying Accessories From A Carrier Store – If you buy your phone in a carrier store, you’ll usually be offered a big variety of accessories at the time of sale. It is almost always a mistake to buy them.

That isn’t to say that car chargers are worthless, or that you don’t need a case for your handsets. Rather, these accessories are usually marked up to an unreasonable degree. for example, Verizon was selling the OtterBox Commuter Series iPhone 6 case for 44.99$. The same exact case can be bought on Amazon for just 27.24$ with free shipping. AT&T is asking 30$ for a Micro USB car charger, but Best Value offers them for 19.99$. If you want accessories for your new phone, search over to Amazon or visit your local electronics store.


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6. Picking An Expensive Insurance Policy Or Extended Warranty – Lastly, there’s the issue of insurance. If you just bought an expensive handset through a carrier, insuring it for a few money a month can be enticing. Nevertheless, it may not be deserving it, as insurance plans bought through carriers often come with high deductibles. There are options offered by the phone manufacturers themselves. Apple offers AppleCare, Samsung has Protection Plus and Motorola has Moto Care.

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