Do You Know; What Is The Importance Of Your Life

It is correct that life is intrinsically deceiving and insignificant. But, if we were told this from the origin, the world would end and none would do anything that they are doing currently. Our forefathers realized this dilemma early on and our community created multiple ideas for people to live. The study enters a trade or professions, begin a family, and maintain your race. Additionally, faith also offered a possible purpose to life: you are here as God wants you to be here for a purpose. Ultimately, wealth, victory and accomplishments all became signs of how well you have breathed your life.


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However, assume a person at her deathbed; no focus how much fame she may have gained, there will yet be a large number of personalities who would not understand or mind for her living; no matter how much property she may have acquired, there will be some things she would never have been capable of buying; and no matter how many accomplishments she may have had, there would ever be someone with more accomplishments. So, you are true. Wealth, successes, and accomplishment would not value when you are on your deathbed.



If nothing values, then, what is the aim of life anyhow? Can you produce a significant life for yourself? The response is yes. Life IS a deception and a vision planned by the community. But, the flip side of this puzzle is that once you understand this, you also realize that you are the boss of your own future. You can build as much significance in your life as you want, and refuse what society sees as successful. Life is full of opportunities. Imagine life as a mission. It’s short and unimportant. So make it a pleasant ride. Have joy, break courses, but above all make sure that you enhance the lives of your co-passengers. Help others. The underlying goal of everything you do should be meant on how does it enrich and improve the lives of others. Be kind to visitors. Then, when you are resting on your deathbed, you’ll look behind at the faces of people to whom you have produced pleasure, and you will sense that you have spanned an amazingly significant life, far more so than the billionaire you forever envied.


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Don’t be disappointed with the fact about life. Adopt it and make the maximum of it while you still can. Be nice and help others.

I imagine it depends on the person. Everyone has diverse values and opinions which influence what you admire and acknowledge in life.

Best stuff in life can vary from one person to another. Here are my best points in life:


  • Growth Can be Religious, Imaginative, Heartfelt, Physical etc. Just understanding that you have developed yourself is one of the best senses of fulfilment in the world. Not doing the same stuff for the next 70 years and asking it LIFE. Do anything new daily, remember every day is an opportunity to change your life.


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  • Love To love and be loved, when you wholeheartedly love and believe to be loved, it makes you-you, a real individual and not an insensitive robot and you no longer have to create guarding walls nearby yourself due to fear of denial, low self-esteem, etc. Love gives you embrace the true you, who you actually are and not the person you pose to be. Friends and Family come under this section, we never get to decide our family and that really shows us to learn how to love, be calm and be there for people. But usually, embracing everyone and wishing them pleasure in their lives, is one of the biggest things in life.


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  • God I consider in God and I am pleased with it. I also think God built me for a reason, there is more to life than physical things because when we expire we will leave our houses behind, our vehicles, all the ownership people work hard for, and we will give them here. There are so numerous people who feel abandoned inside, who are failed, who don’t understand what to do with their lives and I can tell you one thing, God makes that peace that many people crave for.

There are many things but it depends on you, what you love? What do you consider in? What do you suppose of doing? What do you crave for? What are you enthusiastic about?

“The aim of life is to find your gift. The goal of life is to give it away.”

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