What to Look Forward in Downtown Design 2016

Focus On Quality Of The Design


Picture Courtesy: artBahrain.org

Downtown Design hosting around 100 brands divided into 15 categories from energy efficient lighting and sustainable furniture with biodegradable accessories and recent technology of kitchen & bathroom which are chosen for the quality, relevance to the region and originality. The skill behind such innovation and behind some of the brands highlighted the provenance.

The region’s trade fair involves premium designs opening its doors to design pros on October 25th, 2016 at Dubai Design District.

Downtown Design is setting the yardsticks for an educated and sustainable rise for the creative industries. Being a commercial centerpiece, it also is a platform for new participants in the market and also of the iconic design brands. By the month of April next week, they will run out of the exhibition space and will begin to allocate the exhibitors for the show. The success of the fair will be authentic.

Regional Expertise


Picture Courtesy: menaherald.com

Another criterion is the rising participation of regional brands. 10 exhibitors are participating this year which includes Dubai based architect presenting an installation in partnership with the American hardwood export council. The space where the visitors will rest and interact is somber cocoon; it is constructed from tulipwood and ash. Its installation will be marked by AHEC which will see its durability & regional climate and its long term effect on the environment. Other designers will also present a new collection of antique jewellery.

Especially In Dubai


Picture Courtesy: mydesignagenda.com

India’s brand Klove is making its regional debut in Dubai which specializes in custom lighting solutions. Lasvit will also disclose their latest collection of 4 lighting sculptures; Kuwaiti carpet label bringing a refine collection to the fare representing timeless and traditional beauty with a modern touch. By changing it from the mundane into extraordinary experiences is another brand named Apical Reform known for its approach regarding functional art.



Picture Courtesy: neventum.com

The edition this year will present the international design week from Adidas, Barcelona, Ababa, Taipei, and Beirut.

Symbol Of Design


Picture Courtesy: www.downtowndesign.com

Portraying the brands mood in dimension, allowing designers & design lovers a glimpse of craftsmanship, the designs will be on the show in a format. The portfolio of the brand is designed by the well known Danish architects. This year the Spanish brand is celebrating 50 years of building timeless outdoor furniture reflecting contemporary living style. 16 Italian labels spread across 700 square meters will display their best class.

Sustainability Is The Focus


Picture Courtesy: www.downtowndesign.com

In addition to AHEC, the fair will represent the brands rooted in ethos of green design & sustainability. Dubai based brand green road is known for bespoke wall decoration built from naturally preserved plants and also it will put forth the innovative methods of including nature in our living spaces.

Using vegetable tanned leather, local artisan made it by their hands while creating the modern day furniture. Taking inspiration from her father sipping coffee while reading newspaper, Poala Sakrm, a Lebanese product designer has made a series of biodegradable containers of grounded coffee & newspaper waste.

The downtown design will be running in Dubai from 25th to 28th October at Dubai Design District.

Source Url: http://propertyfind.ae/what-to-look-forward-in-downtown-design-2016/


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