Things Which Make Introvert A Lot Different From An Extrovert

Sometimes we think how it’s hard for extroverts to understand introverts. Some things that extroverts do can be quite perplexing. Let’s find a few of them. Of course, this isn’t all extroverts, but every introvert has found plenty of extroverts who share these confusing qualities.

1. Over Sharing


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Introverts don’t get how some extroverts have so many things to say about the most mundane topics. The first is to notice about an introverted teen. The popular girls were always talking stream of knowledge style with no filter. Their algorithm for interesting conversation was a total mystery.

Topics changed from boys to beauty, to the special care instructions for their brand new naval rings. Many of the parts they divulged seemed like overkill.

For example, one girl might share the step-by-step manner of her latest hair removal experience but I couldn’t understand how a complete description of hair removal was fit lunchtime conversation. Still, don’t.

2. Travelling In Packs


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Why do some extroverts always have to make it a club thing? More is not always merrier, this for a fact. Part of it gets the urge to have your peeps around you. It’s nice to feel the animal warmth of your family and friends.

But a lot of extroverts take it to the big. They go to the bathroom in pairs, movies in groups of 4 or 5, pub going in slobbering packs of ten or more.

3. The Open Door Policy


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‘Come on in, anytime, my door is always open!’ no introvert ever said this. The open door policy was formed by and for people-pleasing extroverts who can’t be alone.

Many people rather not spend days knowing that at any minute someone could barrel into office like a bulldozer, and destroy your train of thought. For an introvert the door is open between 4:30 pm to 5:00 pm on weekdays. It’s not fair, right?! Other instructions are ‘If you need me outside those hours, send me an email and I will or surely ignore it.

4. Packing Their Social Calendar


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Can’t understand why the extrovert’s continuous need to be doing things all the time. They try to describe it to others with catchy acronyms, like YOLO – you only live once and FOMO – fear of missing out.

To get a bit philosophical, we are never really doing nothing. We are always imagining, or dreaming, or relaxing our mind from thinking and meditating, Introvert much more afraid of missing out on those things than missing a few crazy parties.

5. Theme Parks


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This one I just don’t understand. I’ve gone to my share of entertainment parks, and many expos, mostly because that’s the fun thing to do in your generation. All my extroverted friends were practically rushing with excitement at these places.

But to the normal introvert, theme parks are a costly form of punishment. You line up and wait to get tokens or paper tickets and then you line up and expect to have the shit scared out of you, Again and again. All the while, you are pushed by crowds of people, and overwhelmed by the smell of cotton candy. Only an extrovert would be crazy enough to enjoy such torture.

6. The More Is More Mindset


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Go big or go home! Bigger is better! Supersize me, baby! These are common phrases that please to extroverted households. The quest for more things, more stimulation, more entertainment, is very much an extrovert’s likes.

Introverts can easily get engulfed in by the extrovert’s more is more reasoning. If there weren’t so much influence to acquire and consume, most introverts would be pleased to live with less. As long as we have our imagination our books, and a wide slice of solitude, introverts are content.

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