You Can’t Even Imagine What You Can Buy Online

The internet has become an immense library of knowledge and information; there isn’t much that one can’t get on the internet these days. However, we seldom find ourselves confused by what the internet has to offer. This list of unusual, but purchasable, items below illustrates the internet’s ability to continue puzzling us.


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First on the list is quite unbelievable. You can buy 1,500 Live Ladybugs online, well if you really want to buy. Where can you buy it? It’s on Amazon, for $7.59, you can buy yourself a container of live lady bugs. Why would you buy this? Because of hilarity. Have it sent to a friend or unleash it in a packed building. Or just buy it to say that you have 1500 live ladybugs in your possession. If you have $7.59 lying around, I recommend this shopping.

Second on the list is Praying Mantis Eggs, yes! Again an insect and again it’s on Amazon. Want to control your garden’s insect population? For 6.39$, you can get yourself 2 small cases of praying mantis eggs. Maintain your garden’s insect population and do it without using any hazardous chemical. Another plus is that if you’ve already bought your container of live lady bugs, you don’t have to bother about them being eaten. Praying mantises eat about every kind of insect except the lady bug!


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Yes! Third is on the list is also a living thing and this it’s A Box of Live Baby Chickens. You can buy them on Cackle Hatchery. A box of live baby chickens is something worth thinking. Build yourself a chicken coop and order yourself, however, many you see right: 5, 10, 100, or 1000. Why? Do it for the innovation of it.

A 26 Pound Gummy Bear is the next thing on the list. It’s available on Vat, If you have 150$ lying around, the next item you could buy online is 26 lbs, gummy bear. This is not just any normal 26 lbs gummy bear; it’s a 26 lbs party gummy bear. If you’re looking to host a party then what normal item is there to have as the party centrepiece than a backpack sized gummy bear!


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A Private Island, sound so luxurious and if you are rich enough to have an island, you can buy it online too from Private Islands. If you are a person of means then buy your individual private island! An island off the shores of Canada or Argentina, A Caribbean Island, or somewhere farther, maybe near China or Japan. There are islands around the world that you can own.

A Decommissioned Missile Silo is the last on the list, you can, if you want to have, go check Missile Bases online site. As of January 2014, 63 decommissioned missile base sites have been traded. For 349,000$, you can be the keeper of a 17-acre site in Northern Maine! The property is attractive and inconspicuous, as you would expect from former missile base sites. Now it’s just blank space that can serve quite usefully in situations such as a zombie apocalypse or nuclear fallout.

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