Food Trucks Are The Best Option To Eat From In Dubai

Food trucks have been around since ages, universally. They started quite later in UAE but then it’s a young country as well. In the last 1-1.5 years, trend of food trucks has really caught up. They are parked all over Dubai. They’ve been all around Dubai in every event like Modesh World, Hangry Hangar, ComicCon.

Meals on the Wheels


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There are almost a dozen of food trucks in Dubai which offers food actually worth eating. You can find them if you head towards Emirates Golf Course on weekends especially on Saturday between 4 pm to 11 pm. You can get a taste of over more than a dozen various cuisines, courtesy more than 15 trucks parked there.

Else you can head to Salt at Kite Beach. They provide nice burgers and milkshakes. For Dh 40, you can get a chicken cheetos burger & for Dh 25, vanilla shakes. A melt also remains parked outside which can be viewed through Ocean View Hotel & offers ice lollies and frozen yoghurts. It was founded by 2 moms in Dubai whose idea was to make available healthy options to the Dubai people. The yoghurt is available for Dh 20 and is fat free.


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The ice lollipops have no added preservatives and Moti Roti is another truck in Al Quoz which offers healthy food.

Indian foods fans will be interested to know how you create your own roti wrap, or involve in a chicken tikka Punjabi pizza for Dh 35. If travelling around Dubai just for a food truck is quite much, then take your friends and head for the last exit. It was opened in August, and it’s a food truck park which has 12 food trucks and is designed to look like the one in 1950’s.


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Featuring vintage truck tyres, posters and cycle chains, this park remain open 24/7 so that one can visit anytime to stretch their legs and have a cup of coffee. If you want to taste dishes from more than 15 trucks, then GObai will help you with their burgers, you just have to head towards Emirates Golf Club for the same. The Food Truck Jam session season 2 is happening this weekend which will be on till April 2017. Every Saturday from 4 pm to 11 pm. Take a cab or metro to the Nakheel because parking is a tough job there.

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