Basics of Pasta: Some Types out of Multiple Dozens

It’s hard to push away a plate of Pasta. Dubai has quite a handful of options where one can enjoy Pasta. It comes in various shapes which is so much fun.

Farfalle (Bow Tie Pasta)


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Because of its shape, farfalle is known as bow tie pasta. It is formed by Italian word ‘farfalla’ meaning butterfly. In downtown Dubai, Mamma Italia serves a delicious grilled con salmon farfalle in white sauce for 51 Dirham. It is best suited for cream and with tomatoes.



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It is one of the most popular and oldest types of pasta. It is wide and flat. Earlier, the lasagna was made with layering of pasta along with the sauce and chopped boiled eggs. Nowadays, the lasagna is made of semolina from wheat. The variations in its making still exist. You can have it with minced meat, veggies or with cheese or with all of these. In Dubai, you can get the traditional version @ Dh 72. At Per Te, Jumeirah.



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Thin, noodle like long pasta made from wheat semolina, spaghetti is the plural form of “spaghetto” which means a thin string in Italian. Short thin strings have become more popular and as an emblem of Italian cuisine, it tastes good when served with tomato sauce, meatballs and parmesan. Spaghetti and meatballs are available for Dh 59 at Olive Garden, Al Safa.



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Its name is derived from the word “Penna” which means a quill or a feather. It is cylindrical in shape and popular especially in salads. Its hollow centre holds the sauce enough and beautifully. Penne is traditionally cooked firmly to the bite- it is served with sauces like arrabiata, pesto and marinara. At Cucina Mia Ristorante, try a spicy penne arrabiata for Dh 55. You can also carry it to work for your lunch. Just remember to toss the starchy water out of the pot.

Mac and Cheese


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Narrow tubes and dry, macaroni is available even outside Italian Cuisine. American Mac and cheese is still on top of several people’s list and is also a great comfort to have in foods. Another variant is the British macaroni pudding which is similar to the British rice pudding but instead of rice, macaroni is used. Chilli’s smoked chicken jalapeno macaroni & cheese is a must try for Dh 65.



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Dumplings with layering filled with ricotta cheese and pumpkin is ravioli which is usually eaten with pasta sauce and broth. Try its varieties, in pasta sauce at Ottimo, Oud Metha for Dh 38, and enjoy the spinach dumplings with ricotta cheese.

Other varieties of pastas includes- fusilli, tortellini, conchiglie which looks like seashells, cannelloni and linguine, etc.

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