Make your Own Reading Corner with These Tips

Experts says first of all decide what kind of reader you are and according to them, design your book nook.

A varsity level would not just flop down on the couch or lie down in the bed; they know a spot is the key to really get lost in a good book. A known interior decorator and the author of the book ‘Sage Living’ says building a corner for the book is a necessary part of honouring one as a reader.

Reading is one of the most precious ways of escaping and nurturing ourselves, our minds and emotional lives as well. Building a reading nook is almost like building a shrine where we can take a moment out for ourselves through the books we love.

For advice on creating a dedicated space, Sage and Jane Green, 16 times New York Times bestseller novelist, says:-


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A place to sit is obviously crucial. Keep in mind your reading style when you’re opting among a bench, an easy chair or a love seat. “It’s all about knowing yourself and your preferences” If you like to curl up, choose a wide chair or get an ottoman if you know that you need to stretch out.


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You need to look out for what you’re reading, but also to not get distracted by bright lights. It’s all about creating a balance. Gooseneck lamps will be a good solution to lighting.

If opting for building a nook beside the window, make sure that it is lighted naturally during daytime or when you’d prefer to read.


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The seating is only a bit, but not all, of this process. If you prefer to be warm while reading, place a blanket draped over the back of your chair. If a coffee or a mug of tea is a must for you, your book nook must have a place to put it down while turning the pages of the book.

Green says that she keeps a big pile of pillows besides her place- “It’s like sinking in and shutting out from the world out there”. “You want a space that can feel like a cocoon.”

Texture is also another important aspect to be kept in mind. The seating should not be in a stiff chair because no one likes to read in that. Pillows and blankets must be soft, and the place must look cozy.


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Sage said that a perfect book nook should look appealing for the reader at a moment’s notice. The blankets & pillows must be in place, along with the reading material.

“If you have to collect things together to use the space you fancy, that’s just one more roadblock you’re setting up for yourself and has to overcome,” Sage explains further.

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