Interior Designer Designing Hotel to Homes

Adam Tihany, America based interior designer has vivid sense of interior designing. He says it with lighting which makes all the difference. He is one of the most popular names in the hospitality design- a pioneer of restaurant design & most creative behind some of the luxurious getaways known to man.


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His latest project, the Four Seasons Hotel DIFC, Tihany reflects on his prominent career. His first project as a hotel was Double Tree Hotel in Clara in the 1984. After some years he designed one of the first grand cafes in New York where he came across the opportunity to inform the venue all round. It wasn’t limited to designing the architecture, lighting, graphics and interiors; he looked beyond the uniforms and china. The 360 degree approach is the essence of his design policy. Every detail has to be according to comfort and needs of others. His approach hasn’t changed since his beginning days, though with time and experience it has developed and got refined. It also has redefined some of the standards of excellence of the industries.


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Though the elegance and attention to hotel details nods a well-known brand identity, he designed the DIFC property for its reputation, clientele & location.

According to him, it was quiet intimate insight of urban expression of its community. The hotel reflects a hand-created, quality which speaks for itself and is designed customly down to the commissioned art.

Some of the industries are as fickle as hospitality, the trends come and go, most of the times rendering the hottest of hotspots dated and forgotten. With a timeless approach to design, Tihany sidesteps the pitfalls of trends following


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He focuses on things which become new norms. We all have noticed the birth and rise of the boutique hotel, design hotel, designer label hotel, and art hotel and so on. They all served their motive in furthering the industry, penetrating it with energy and creativity,” he says. The most significant change was to end trying and make the hotel a ‘home away from home’ in his view. That day the hoteliers realized that it is not possible to compete with one’s home where the start of a new hotel design ethics can ride over all trends”.

While the hotel industry was giving up trying to rebuild a home for its guests, hospitality design was busy in influencing residential interiors.

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