Laluz, Four Seasons Spanish Restaurant In Dubai

You know you are in for a heavenly night when your palette chemical, green globes of fluid olive lessening on wooden spoons, is pitch-great. In the event that culinary goodness lived in the points of interest, then Laluz — the swanky Mediterranean eatery at the Four Seasons in DIFC — rose as the bosses of it


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The administration was immaculate without it being nosy and the nourishment figured out how to astound you every step of the way.

All you expected to do was to surrender yourself to the rarities from Catalunya (the unique menu highlighting Catalan indulgences is on until the end of this current month).


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I utilize the word surrender, in light of the fact that wedding sweet with salt or blending meat cuts with sweet organic products may appear to be unnatural, however the gourmet experts at Laluz make it their central goal to make an awesome union.

In the wake of bringing down the fluid olive, my friend and I started our feast with a conventional Catalan dish — the cod fish esqueixada. It’s a serving of mixed greens of destroyed salted cod fish with tomato, onion and olives. More often than not, servings of mixed greens need to make a decent attempt to satisfy. In any case, this Catalan creation united some all around sourced, new deliver.


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Every chomp would remove you a stage from DIFC and nearer to the sentiment being in an untainted shoreline resort. It was crisp and flavourful.

Next up was the canelon Catalan style was barrel shaped pasta bundles loaded with spinach, ricotta and vegetables. They were melt-in-the-mouth. Be that as it may, the star of the night was the duck and pear with smooth rice.


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The stewed duck with velvety rice appears like a done thing; however the pear added another digression to the dish. It’s an obtained taste. It is possible that you adore it or you don’t. In any case, we had a place with the previous and enjoyed the blend of meat and organic products. Furthermore, what’s a Catalan feast without some foie gras? A grilled duck foie gras, alongside foie gras on cooked charcoal joined by stewed infant onions and mushrooms appeared before us.


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This platter can possibly trigger a war. I mean a fight with your supper buddy about who will have the last piece.

We adjusted off the supper with sweet wastes loaded with citrus cream and chocolate. While it tasted sweet and tart, the closure of this supper was simply sweet.

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