Find Out The World’s Top Travel Destination

The world’s most popular travel destination this year has been the Thai capital of Bangkok which has surpassed London to be on top, according to the annual ranking done by global payments and technology company MasterCard.


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Tourism has always been one of the rare favorable spots for Thailand. After the 2014 coup, the Southeast Asia’s 2nd largest economy was gripped with weak customer confidence and exports. The military said that the political unrest was on end.

Bomb blasts which happened last year in Thailand’s southern part, police blames it on Muslim Separatists and has less affected the tourism. Bangkok which is also known as ‘city of angels’ has topped the list of 132 cities after beating Paris, London and Dubai and has also become most visited international traveler according to Index of Global Destination Cities.


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Bangkok was in a strong position to be in the top place to travel for a quite a long time and this has not happened in a flash. The visitors coming from high income countries get the value for their money here. Thailand experienced 33 million visitors this year because of the rise in the number of Chinese tourists.

Bangkok is expected to receive 21.47 million visitors worldwide in 2016, which is more than London ranking 2nd with 19.88 million international visitors.


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James Donnelly, 31, a British tourist visiting the city on his way to Vietnam said that the pollution makes the city less than ideal for staying long but the food here is second thing to nothing.

Apart from this, in Asia, the Japanese city of Osaka has displayed the strong rise in international visitors in the last 7 years, alluring tourists from neighboring countries, especially in South Korea and China.


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The ranking of Global Destinations has been topped by The British Capital but its shine has somehow rubbed off by the travelers in 2016, the reason of which is still unclear. These two cities have topped the rankings for most of their history.

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