Top Most Sold Cars In UAE

In 2015, the most selling car in UAE is The Mitsubishi Lancer EX. New car businesses in the United Arab Emirates are up 4% year-on-year to 401.922 units in 2015, and Toyota continues ultra-dominant here despite sales dropping 1% that brings back its market share to 31.4% vs. 33.1% a year ago. Below Nissan up 2% to 15.7% share, the most magnificent evolution is delivered by Mitsubishi up an excellent 62% to 55.413 units and 13.8% share vs. 8.9% in 2014.


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Even more important: Mitsubishi handles to place the Lancer EX above all Toyotas in 2015 thanks to sales up a big 173% to 27.553 by an Exceptional performance by the Japanese manufacturer. BMW is up an equally impressive 24% to gain 2 spots and place itself as the number 4 brand in the country, bypassing Hyundai -18% and Ford +1%. Further down, Land Rover is up 11%, Infiniti up 12%, GMC up 15%, Cadillac and Renault up 22% and Subaru up 54%.


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Over in the models sales graphs, the Toyota Hilux gets knocked down to number 2 below the Mitsubishi Lancer EX despite sales up 3% and a stable market share at 5.3%, the Toyota Land Cruiser is up 15% to number 3, the Mitsubishi Pajero up a wonderful 40% and 3 spots to number 4 and the Nissan Patrol up 9% to number 5.


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This means the Toyota Prado -20% and Corolla -10%, once masters in their segments, get pushed down the ranking to number 6 and number 7 respectively. The other impressive surge in the Top 20 is delivered by the BMW X5 by multiplying its sales +114% thanks to the new generation to land at number 12 with 8.191 units.

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