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Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority proclaimed in a media statement that the Dubai Metro, including the Red and Green Lines, has posted high ridership during the 1st quarter of the year 2014, measuring 40,655,978 passengers, which is 22% more than the 33,341,095 riders recorded for the same period the year 2013.


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This means that an average of 20,500 passengers boards at the station daily, including on weekends, making it the active Metro Station in town.

Dubai Mall Station on the Red Line ranked 2nd, with ridership scoring 1,813,854 passengers, or about 20,150 everyday passengers boarding the Metro.

The Union Station on the Red Line came 3rd, reporting 1,705,712 passengers, measuring to an average 19,000 passengers getting on to the Metro through this station.


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The Al Fahidi Station on the Green Line ranked 4th and busiest for Green Line during the 1st quarter of 2014, recording a ridership of 1,657,650 passengers. The Al Rigga Station in Deira on the Red Line was 5th in overall passenger pecking order, recording 1,626,775 passengers per day.

With a continuous rise in the number of Metro users in Dubai, the monthly ridership is touching 15 million, with 14,825,570 riders calculated in January 2015.


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The numbers show a constant growth in Metro passengers. During the same month in 2014, 13,508,247 riders were calculated on both the Red and the Green Lines, showing a nearly 10 % year-on-year improvement.


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An increase in the number of transport users since Dubai Tram has opened and became evident with a growth in the number of Nol card users. The RTA announced that 35, 000 Nol cards had been sold in the period from the launch of the Tram. Dubai Tram was launched on Nov 11, 2014.

Emiratis take the first metro ride in Du

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Most of the population in Dubai uses metro as transport. It’s fast and convenient. Not to mention, the number of passengers in 2016 is increasing according to the statics.

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