Brunch Lovers! Find Out The Restaurants Serving You The Best

We all know the meaning of brunch. A meal typically was eaten in the late morning or early afternoon as a combination of breakfast and lunch. Dubai is the only city with a separate entry in Wikipedia. Yes! It is

With numbers of restaurants serving every cuisine and beverage from around the world, Stylish attendees, rich spreads and resident D.J.s spinning party tunes is just the start in a city where Friday brunch is an institution. The week starts in Dubai on Sunday.


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In addition to classic breakfast fare, music, mimosas, quirky brunch ideas are rolled out to invite foodies every winter, when the temperature finally dips into the easy mid-70s. Tribeca Kitchen & Bar’s Big Apple Brunch concentrates in healthy, organic food. The Westin’s Bubbalicious Brunch has a petting zoo, a magician, and acrobats. And at Al Badia Golf Club, you can grab a straw-woven basket full of goodies and relax on the green during the perfectly named Picnic Brunch.


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Brunch is the one time that Dubai’s stringent drinking laws seem relaxed enough for you to almost forget them. But you don’t advise to forget them. very few hotels in the city that have alcohol licenses, and it is illegal, even during brunch, to be high or to have a drink beyond the limits of the licensed hotel’s bars, restaurants, and clubs. Make reservations first, and expect to pay at least 30$ per person without alcohol, or up to 789.60$ per person for the Laurent-Perrier Grand Siècle brunch. The most favourite brunches usually fall between 100$ without alcohol and 200$ with unlimited alcohol.

We chose four brunch spots that highlight what Dubai has to offer for the meal everyone loves. And if you’re still not managed to book any place after four hours, there’s always the post-brunch brunch and the after-brunch party.


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Al Qasr


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First is “Al Qasr” interprets as “the palace,” The traditional Islamic design, golden horse figurines and intricate mosaic floor patterns are fit for a sheikh. The rich chandeliers as you go through the marble staircase to the lower floor, where brunch is served across two restaurants.

Take a quick glance around and you’ll find big buffets, awesome ice sculptures and live cooking stations with themes like Streets of Bangkok, Yucatan Peninsula, Surf & Turf, Valrhona Chocolate and more. The choices here can overwhelm you, so create a plan to taste as much as possible while avoiding packed areas. Cocktail stations featuring Jack Daniel’s whiskey, rum-filled coconuts, Cognac, and mojitos are also available.


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During winter time, the Al Qasr Brunch can draw up to 750 people on a single Friday. Without the scorching heat, tables can be set up on the large outdoor yard, which overlooks the resort’s gardens and beautiful man-made lagoon.

The Al Qasr Brunch ¬at Arboretum and Al Hambra is placed at Jumeirah Al Qasr. Brunch hours is 12:30 to 4 p.m. filled with International and traditional Spanish. Their signature menu item you should not miss is Arabian kofta burger and grilled lamb chop too. The ambiance is suitable for Families, groups, and couples.



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Nobu has branches in New York, London or Las Vegas, but in Dubai, you’ll get to devour all your favourite dishes, including few new ones with reasonable price. The dark red and brown colour scheme and Japanese and Arabian-inspired décor make space feel both understated and glamorous. The house D.J. plays Electronica mixed softly as young couples and families talk over small plates.


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While most brunches in this city focus on presenting plentiful amounts of food, but Nobu true to its status by pairing its multicourse sharing menu with live cooking stations highlighting sushi and sashimi, rock shrimp tempura salads, tartare, foie gras, and more dishes. It serves in Japanese-style buffet with South American influences.


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It placed in Atlantis, the Palm. Brunch runs between Noons to 4 p.m. serves Japanese cuisine. Best for Couples, older families and special occasions and children below age 10 are not allowed. Black cod yuzu miso and green tea fondant with passion fruit are signature one.

Zaman Awal Restaurant


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Longing to catch a glimpse of old Dubai then A trip to Dubai Creek and Al Boom Tourist Village is a must for anyone. You can encounter the traditional lifestyles of the fishermen who docked there. In 2015, the 33-year-old, 15-acre village was completely remodelled to give locals and tourists a place to sample Emirati cuisine and culture.

Zaman Awal is like a poem to the good old days, connects traditional eats with eclectic, historical decor. Everything from the glasses to the serving tables to the light fittings was sourced locally, or is an antique. Across the dining room, silk-screened paintings on tall glass panels portray Dubai’s history from a small village in the desert to the home of the world’s tallest building.


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Select some traditional bread from the menu like chebab, it’s similar to an American pancake or you could try khameer dipped in cheese and honey. Also, try the balaleet, it’s a sweet and savory noodle dish, harees is a wheaty, meaty mixture, chickpeas and dates. Its bit disappointing for alcohol lovers as it isn’t offered here. Try some local herbal beverages which taste good too. If you want the view of dhow boats floating by, ask for a creekside table with pillow-topped seating.

The best day is Friday for Brunch at Zaman Awal Restaurant at Al Boom Tourist Village. Timings are 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Local (Emirati), Gulf and fusion are the cuisine list. Chebab and Luqaimat are dishes to try. Best for Couples, groups and tourists; who looking for an authentic Dubai experience.

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