Love to Travel Solo? Visit Dubai

Dubai is full with gorgeous beaches, futuristic skyscrapers, and year round sunshine. After the discovery of oil here in the 1960’s, Dubai has never stopped building stunning structures. Anything the rest of the world can do, Dubai can do it better. many landmarks like the world’s tallest building to man-made islands shaped like the world, this millionaires playground has everything; pyramids, large aquariums, a palm island, and the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East in the Mall of Emirates.


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A ticket to this destination comes with a heavy price tag. Dubai is not a common destination that you’ll find on any round the world tickets, it is full of first-class hotels but there is the accommodation for those who has a modest budget.

One of the top ideas to do in Dubai is a shop. You could spend a week just window-shop the high street and designer stores; which gives you amazing shopping experience. Many malls give free rides to the larger hotels, or you can use the frequent bus services but you have to book a day ticket. Dubai is largely known for its gold, and gold souks are located in the malls or the Deira district.

Your trip is not complete without feel the warm waters of the sea. Most hotels have their separate section of private beach which you can pay to enter or go to the public beach of Jumeirah where you can watch the locals playing volleyball.


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If you’re having enough to spend and want a classy venue to entertain, sky bar is the first option. It’s placed at the world’s most popular 7-star hotel – the Burj Al Arab. Designed as a cruise, this unique hotel has a beautiful lobby full of reds, golds and royal blues that will make you feel like a royal. Cocktails are bit expensive and it is a minimum spend but it is definitely worth the visit; its recommend to have company with you.

The Souk Madinat Jumeirah is like Dubai’s own version of Venice. You can take a boat trip through the close waterways to the Arabian Market. A different way to get here from the hotel is by beach buggy cruising along the sandy beach. Full with great restaurants and bars and is lively at night.


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If you want to see something different except modernity, take a journey back in time with a visit to the old part of the city. The city is safe for women travelling alone. There isn’t much history here except the pearl diving and the first Persian settlers but it is a delightful escape from the modern skyscrapers. You can visit the spice market for nose-tingling sensations or take a cruise on a traditional Dhow along Dubai Creek for a difference of new and old.

Camel racing is loved by the Emiratis. You can see this racing at the Nad Al Sheba Camel Track. It is just outside the city but betting on the camel is banned. If you want to try, you can have your own ride on these animals at the local camel farm.


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If you had enough with seeing all the attractions in the city; the desert is only a stone’s throw away. Here you can take an exciting 4WD drive desert safari, racing up and down the sandy hills or visit a Bedouin village for a sight of traditional life.

There are many places to see like Dubai Zoo, the oldest zoo in the Arabian Peninsula if you don’t have much time then skip the zoological gardens and Wild Wadi Water Park, the impressive Jumeirah Mosque and Sheik Sied Palace.


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Let’s talk about Accommodation. Dubai is Known for its luxurious hotels like the Burj Al Arab – graded as a 6-star hotel in Dubai, you may think that accommodation here will get a small fortune but you can find inexpensive accommodation if you are on a budget. There are hostels in the city but they may not be near to the beach, they are the easy way to some of the city’s tour.

Dubai has so many hotels to choose from. Most of the option for accommodation here are hotels, from 1 to 3-star ranks in the Deira district or the luxurious 5-star hotels in Dubai along Jumeirah beach covering the Raffles Dubai in Wafi Mall. You’ll also find apartments within the city. Airbnb connects you to locals in Dubai which can be affordable than staying in hotels and gives you the opportunity to meet locals too. Save $20 off your first stay.


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Travelling in Dubai is easy with good transportation. Buses run continually from the airport to Deira bus station. The bus takes you to the old town and back to the new or takes a metered taxi for ease. The monorail is another option too.

To hire a car we recommend pre-booking car hire so you can collect your car when you reach the airport. Bus stations are opposite both terminals. Taxis are available 24 hours.

Feel more assured with someone waiting for you at the airport when you pre-book a ticket with Hoppa, a secure and safe service for solo females.


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We recommend staying at least a week. It’s easy to join other Emirate states in your trip; you only need one visa for the whole of the UAE.

If you want go Oman; Al Darah border is 2 hours from Dubai but don’t forget an entry and exit stamp and has Omani currency. And if want to go Saudi: visas need to be applied for before you travel. Currently, women are not allowed to drive in Saudi so you can pick a car here.

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