Interesting Facts About Dubai

Dubai is the fastest growing city in the world, cosmopolitan destination complete with flashing skyscrapers, marvellous weather, and some of the most expensive hotels in the world. Over the last 50 years, the rate at which Dubai has formed has amazed people around the world and created some of the captivating cultural norms on the planet. Camel-riding robots, Indoor skiing, and that’s barely scratching the surface of the amazing things you’ll find in Dubai.
We outline 10 of the most incredible facts about Dubai.

Crime Rate is 0%


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This city ruled under strict Muslim law by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai 0% crime rate. In a city populated primarily by foreigners, people know that they can easily be jailed or banished for the smallest of criminal acts, makes Dubai one of the safest cities on the planet. The Sheikh takes big pride in Dubai’s police force and makes a conscious work to show off how classy it is to tourists coming to visit. Each police car in Dubai costs as much as sending 1 person to college in the United States. Shocked? Well the many models of police cars hold Ferraris, valued at $500,000, Lamborghinis, valued at $400,000 and one Ashton Martin, priced at $1.79 million. Again shocked? You must be.

The Population is 83% Immigrants


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Most of the workers developing Dubai’s hundreds of skyscrapers migrated to the United Arab Emirates from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. They contain over 50% of the city’s population, 17% Emiratis and the rest percentage filled by foreigners. The class divide is huge, with several of the immigrant workers living and working in the poorest of conditions while Emiratis have their rent, education and medical bills spent for and upper-class foreigners earn very attractive salaries. There has been lots of affront from various human rights organizations who are attempting to change the way immigrant blue-collar workers in Dubai are handled. Many have their passports taken away upon coming to their city until they can prove themselves to their employer and pay back the value of their ticket to the UAE.

Zero Debt Tolerance


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Is Dubai avidly against the idea of its residents acquiring debt and not being ready to pay it back. If you fall into error on your credit cards and miss returns, you can be sent to jail or exiled. The promise of a well-paying job, tax-free payroll, and up-scale living conditions can be engaging to many expats, but many of them live beyond their means and are sent back home soon after. It is a serious issue here for the debt repayment and prosecution, many luxury cars can be found stranded in airport parking lots, left behind by indebted foreigners leaving back to their country.

Everything in Dubai Requires to be Cooled


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Dubai’s construction makes no sense from an environmental standpoint. Its land is placed in the centre of a desert, with sandstorms regularly being a concern and temperatures can rise above 120 degrees. If it weren’t for the city’s extreme air conditioning, buildings would begin to melt and the sun rays beaming down on the residents’ glass windows would cook them alive. While planning new projects, every construction engineers fix vertical cooling systems – which use strong pumps to push water upwards through buildings to maintain the outer temperature. These pumps often have to be placed on many levels of the buildings. Because Dubai is a desert, the engineers then have to drill very deep and far out into the ground in search of the pumps’ water. These pumps use millions of litters of yearly.

The Fastest Developing City on Earth


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20% of all cranes working on the planet can be found in Dubai. The city is expanding at such a fast pace that economists are concerned that an economic and housing collapse is threatening. Dubai’s metro system was completed in 2009 with 42 stations and all just built in a shocking 18 months. You can’t name a city which can finish this task in that time. Dubailand is also under development, an amusement park that will be double the size of Disney World and will be the biggest tourist attraction on the planet, with 200,000 visitors anticipated daily. The city features the various man-made islands, exampling the Palm Jumeirah. The island includes a resort and many mansions.

Standard Address System


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The rate at which Dubai is building, it doesn’t have a standard address system in place. Rather of an address line on a mailing tag, there is a space where residents can form a map or write out particular instructions, exampling, after the white mosque, first road to the left, gold door. Foreigners arriving at the city from the airport are recommended to have maps to show their drivers where they want to go if they won’t be touring one of the city’s many luxury hotels.

Robot Camel Racing


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Similar to what football is to the US and what hockey is to Canada, Camel racing is a very popular sport in Dubai, Given the camel’s size, only children can compete in racing them. There has been an issue in the past with having children illegally transferred into the country for the purpose of racing camels. The rest of the world ultimately caught on to the matter and has since put a stop to it for the most part. Dubai has found the solution with robot camel racing. Now, child-sized robots are being created and are racing the camels. They cost anywhere from $300 to $10,000.

Building A City Within The City


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Dubai seems like to on the journey to fascinating the rest of the world with its lavishness, and in the process of creating a climate-controlled city indoors, that’s 2.25 times the size of Monaco. It’s still an unnamed city will be inside Dubai’s limits. It will feature air-conditioned walkways that get you from road to road and building to building with maximal comfort. You’ll be able to shop, eat, walk around and travel without having to be bothered by the desert heat.

The Biggest and Best at Everything


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Dubai’s possible main aim is to continually have the largest and best of everything. Its hotels are the most expensive of any other place on the planet. The Burj Al-Arab; The hotel bills itself as 7-stars, doesn’t let anybody in without a reservation and is included of 39% empty space, which is completely for height and show. It also features 1,790 sq/mtr of gold leaf enhancing its interior. Dubai made the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa; it can be seen from 95 km away and is 163 floors high. The city has the biggest indoor mall on the planet, the largest aquarium, the highest hotel and the impressive indoor ski park.

Forbids Premarital Sex

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It is prohibited in Dubai and can get you jailed or exiled. Public displays of love are very much lowered upon in the Muslim country and it is instructed not even to hold hands with your significant in public and a big NO for a kiss in the public place. Of course, the government can’t command what happens behind closed doors, and in that regard, many immigrants and Emiratis do whatever they’d like. There have however been cases of expats being jailed after it was found that they had engaged in informal acts with anybody other except their spouse. It’s the man’s word against the woman’s; many foreign women in past years have been jailed after bringing it to authorities’ notice that they were raped.

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