Celebrate Mexican Independence Day In Dubai With These Places

Dia de la Independencia is a Mexican holiday to celebrate the ‘cry of independence’.



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Tortuga is a colorful and vibrant Mexican restaurant in Dubai which has one of the most enjoyable atmospheres. The live music, freshly made Mexican food and the originality of the entire place is commendable. This restaurant is headed by the Mexican Chef Oscar Rito, people dining at Tortuga feel like they are at an authentic Mexican home. It’s all about ‘Mi casa es su casa’. They are organizing a special party this Mexican Independence day with lots of mouth watering food in buffet style setting and a special mariachi band.



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La Tablita serves one of the best tacos in town which starts from Dh15. The best part about them is, they are portioned and one only needs about four of them to feel full. It is headed by Chef Carlos Hannon who is award winning, the authentic flavor of the food and laid back style makes this restaurant one of our favorites. On Mexican Independence day, La Tablita will celebrate ‘Dia Del Grito!’ which is a special party along with an awesome Mexican themed buffet and live entertainment which will get anyone to dance away the night.



Picture Courtesy: gulfnews.com

Newly opened restaurant Muchachas is the recent venture by our two restaurateurs Tom and Serge. Muchachas’ menu is a modern take on Mexican food especially centered on sharing real authentic flavors. Celebrate Mexican Independence day here with some delicious tacos and of course some delicious churros.

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This Mexican restaurant is award winning & among one of Dubai’s longest standing ones. They were one of the first places in Dubai to break the Tex-Mex mould and provided authentic Latin American cuisine. The party vibe makes it a happening place to celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day.



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Fuego Contemporary Mexican is an upbeat and casual restaurant with bar having great view of Burj Khalifa. It offers authentic taste from Mexico, prepared in a contemporary style in a relaxed environment. They also have delicious tacos and fantastic dishes. For a comfortably relaxed way to celebrate Mexican Independence Day, Fuego is a really nice spot!



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Rosa Mexicano is a perfect place to celebrate the Mexican Independence Day with your family. This spot is kid friendly and will be introducing three different kind of Guacamole for the coming month. Pomegranate and roasted hazelnut guacamole, goat cheese and sundried tomato guacamole grilled corn and queso fresco cheese guacamole and roasted pine seeds.

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