Top Entrepreneurs of UAE

Dubai is the Home to many different cultures that span a wide stratum of society, and famous for its short but impressive growth. the emirate’s progress story can be directly connected to the leading business men and women who have added to the fullness of the country and the improvement of society. some of these prominent personalities who belong to different backgrounds and some who have lived in the UAE.

Vidya Chabbria

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The Jumbo Group began with a single store in Dubai in 1974. it is established by her husband Manu Chhabria also known as the takeover tycoon. Jumbo Electronics got its big opportunity a year later, by signing a deal with Sony Corporation, becoming its sole seller in the Gulf. Manu Chhabria has passed away in 2002, then Vidya Chhabria became the pillar behind the Jumbo Group’s international services in over 50 countries across the world. It is the biggest distributor of Sony’s products in the world today. it has started with a capital base of AED 50,000 in 1974, now the Jumbo has become the 2 billion dollar company and also provides to the hospitality, healthcare, education, and finance sectors.

J.C. Butler

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Co-founder of Dubizzle is one of the Middle East region’s most famous online classifieds website, Dubizzle was co-founded by 24-year-old J.C. Butler and his partner Sim Whatley from their shared living room headquarters. in 2005 they were on a trip to Dubai, J.C. Butler and his partner Sim Whatley, noticed the absence of a community service where people in Dubai could find everything from furniture to apartments to a job. then they got the idea to filled this gap by making a classifieds website that brought together purchasers and sellers of goods and services in the Dubai market. By 2007, J.C. Butler and Sim Whatley had rented their first office space and selected their first employees. Nearly 9 years later, Dubizzle is the biggest local site in the UAE, the Middle East and North African regions with over 200 employees global.

Paul Kenny

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Paul Kenny is the originator of it is the top eCommerce companies in the Middle-East & North Africa region and has reformed the concept of online shopping by adding the best promotions and deals to people. at the lowest prices, customers can buy many products and services, including activities, dining, beauty, and spa, auto and travel deals. this online site is organized by the Irish entrepreneur Paul Kenny in 2010, Cobone made 600,000 $ per month on electronics deals and gives its customers over 700 deals. Paul won the Middle East entrepreneur of the year in 2012 and the Ernst & Young Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year.

Sunny Varkey

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He took over the family business at the age of 20. he is the man behind the world’s biggest kindergarten to grade 12 private education company named GEMS education. it started off with a single school, which opened in 1969. Today it has branches in 19 countries across the world, managing over 100 schools that give quality education to over 130,000 students. Sunny further reinforced his involvement to and trust in the power of education by starting the Varkey GEMS Foundation in 2010, which is the nonprofit foundation of GEMS Education. The Varkey GEMS foundation intends to provide education to needy children across the world through partnerships with various other foundations including UNESCO, The Tony Blair Faith Foundation and Dubai Cares, The Clinton Global Initiative.

Tony Jashanmal

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The Jashanmal Group is one of the successful and acknowledged business franchises in the country today. Tony Jashanmal is the head of the company, its started in Iraq in 1919 and soon expanded across the Middle East, in 1956 it has opened its first store in Dubai. Tony oversees the retail and wholesale dealing of high-end luxury stuff and services and the franchise has also developed into the media sector through the direct delivery of magazines and books in the country. The Jashanmal Group partners with some of the most globally notable retail and merchandising brands like Burberry of London, Calvin Klein, Davidoff and LK Bennett.

Danish Farhan

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Xische was planned by its founder Danish Farhan as the first hybrid consultancy assistance in the Middle East. Connecting management consultancy with branding and strategy, Xische proposes to solve everyday business challenges by giving services which include brand development, website development, brand identity, social media and digital campaigning to name a few. Since its establishment in 2001, Xische has built up a splendid client base of companies from all across the globe.

Maha Al Ghunaim

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Global Investment House, one of the biggest Investment Companies in the Middle East and the 1st Kuwaiti company to list on the London Stock Exchange in 2008, was established by American-educated Maha Al Ghunaimi in 1998. Headquartered is placed in Kuwait. Global Investment House plays an important role in improving investment opportunities across the Middle East and North African region giving integrated investment answers to its clients in brokerage, investment banking services, and asset management. Honored as an authority in the Arab world of banking and finance, Maha has received global appreciation, she has been listed ‘Among the 100 most powerful women in the City’ by Financial News in Sep 2009 and by Forbes magazine in 2006, 2007, 2008 ‘The 100 Most Powerful Women in the World’.

Maryam Matar

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Maryam Matar is well known across the emirate for her passion and commitment to public service. Maryam is the first Emirati woman to hold the post of Director General in the Government of Dubai. After working in many public health positions, Maryam started a series of outreach programs like ‘UAE Free of Thalassemia by 2012’. She is also the executive director of 2 non-profit organizations, the UAE Genetic Diseases Association , the UAE Down’s Syndrome Association.

Yussuff Ali Ma

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He is the Managing Director of the Emke LuLu Group, headquartered is placed in the Abu Dhabi, Mr. Yusuff Ali Ma is a famous international businessman in the Gulf region. Famous for its LuLu brand of hypermarkets, department stores, and supermarkets. The Emke LuLu Group hires over 31,000 employees from 29 different countries and owns a global annual turnover of 5.1 billion dollars. In 2005, the Abu Dhabi chamber of Commerce and Industries board has selected Mr. Yusuff Ali; he was the first immigrant to be elected, in appreciation of his contribution to the emirate. Mr. Yusuff Ali is also a philanthropic donor and is popular for his work in helping Indians living in the UAE.

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