Meta 2 – The Future of Augmented Reality

Remember the time when we saw Robert Downey Jr — The Iron Man, working on 3D images to build his Iron Man suit; it looks like some kind of future technology. Just for knowledge, I would like to inform you that Meta 2 augmented reality headsets have been launched by CEO Meron Gribetz, the headset has incredibly large 90-degree near view.

The FoV or (Field-of-view in short) matters a lot more on augmented reality devices instead of Virtual Reality headsets. In Augmented Reality, low ‘Field of View’ means it looks like a little translucent window into the virtual world.

The original Meta had a quite small FoV between 25 – 35 degrees but comparable to other existing Augmented Reality experiences, though still but less than HoloLens’ speculated Field of View.


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The near 90-degree FoV is more expansive in the new Meta 2 than anything I’ve seen till date and was enough sizable that everything I viewed it felt like as it had visual context.

As per Meta’s Vice President of Sales and Partnership Ryan Pamplin, “Generation over generation you’re going to see a dramatic miniaturization.”

Meron Gribetz, CEO of Meta believes that significantly these devices will shrink down, but when that happens, consumer focuses will shift away from hardware.


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The mainstream dominance of Meta 2 AR seems flexibly inevitable. While virtual reality is capturing early headlines headed to market with consumer devices, also keep this in mind that companies have been building enterprise-focused expensive VR headsets to get to this point from decades. Meta 2 is an early step to an augmented future I am sure we are at-least a decade from.

For Pre-orders you may log on to which cost $949 for Meta 2, the company says devices will be shipped in Q3 of 2016.

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