Get the Top Tech Products in Dubai, October 2016

We live in a world; where technology getting smarter and it’s a necessary thing for our daily routine, and more interconnected, by the day.

Gitex shopper spring is an annual event. You can find best and new technology products here. In 2015, retailers and consumers both focused on the connected devices to be a key theme at Gitex Shopper Spring, the ubiquitous Smartphone with a new companion, the wearable remote, also called as a smart watch. The top 5 tech trends were the highlight of last year.

Multi-Device Lifestyles

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Mobile devices are becoming a necessary part of everyday life and we need it everywhere now, at home and at work, in resulting world becomes more digitized and connected. It is now common for people to handle more than one device, but also to use more than one device together, such as surfing social media on a Smartphone during watching TV. most appealing device for the event is a device that can ‘talk’ to one another, a Smartphone that can manage your TV which can hook onto your router and download stuff that can be wirelessly printed on your printer.

Wearable Tech

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The wearable technology market is achieving traction with everything from fitness and health linked products to smart watches and audio wearable tech. These products are becoming more complex, able to give significant levels of information and add to the quality of life, whether convenience, enjoyment, time management or critical fitness monitoring and The Apple Watch is just a perfect example of wearable tech and there are few of wearable already in the market, include smart watches, wristbands and VR headsets from the likes of Samsung, Sony, HTC and more.

Mobile Commerce

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The extension of mCommerce is shaping the way consumers obtain goods and services, with the use of handheld gadgets like smart phones and laptops directing to a rush in both markets. Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, unfortunately, will not be instantly available in the region owing to regulatory concerns, but that shouldn’t stop you from having equipment that can give the gateways once the green flag is waived.

Social Photography

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Nowadays one out of every four people around the world now frequently using social media, social photography is driving interest for smart phones, digital cameras, and tablets. While smart phones and tablets give the fastest sharing choice of moments, digital cameras offer the tremendous quality pictures with the new technology such as inbuilt Wi-Fi. Latest Smartphone camera, a DSLR that can connect to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media accounts to share your moments.


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As homes get smarter, the tech industry continuously makes devices capable of “communicating” with each other like as TVs, computers, smart phones, and refrigerators which are revolutionizing the way we live our days. As we said earlier, go for devices that can ‘talk’ to one another.

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