Revolutionary Technology OLO 3D Printer Is Here

From last few years, 3D printers have become more adaptable and convenient to the average consumer. Many models are available in the market and easy to use; some of the models occupy a minimum space with footprints hardly larger than a sheet of paper. But the latest 3D printer is on the next level in portability and millions already own half of the needed hardware. OLO is designed to let users create 3D prints by using the light from a Smartphone screen. Sounds easy and fun.


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An OLO 3D print utilizing the An OLO 3D print using the hard black 80 poly resin, related to PMMA 100 g bottles of daylight resin for the OLO 3D printer are available in a variation. The OLO 3D printer utilizes special resins designed to respond to white light released by Smartphone.

OLO is designed to be manageable, consisting of 3 plastic pieces, one chip, and one motor, all run by 4 AA batteries. Measuring 6.8 x 4.5 x 5.8 in and weighing 1.7 lb, this device is compact and light enough to fit in handbags or backpacks.


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When an object has been loaded on the OLO mobile app, users then set the Smartphone, the large phones like iPhone 6S+ will fit into the base. The resin chamber, which gives 400 cubic cm of printing amount, rests directly above to keep the desired resin of choice. Set the top piece in place for a perfect seal, and OLO will be prepped for printing.

All of the software processing is managed by the OLO app, available for iOS, Windows, and Android . No manual levelling or calibration needed. The app directs the Smartphone to light up particular pixels for a set amount of time. Resin affected by the light converts from a goo-like substance into a hardened material. The OLO Smartphone 3D printer resumes this process, layer by layer until the object is completed and resin used.


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100 g bottles of daylight resin are available in a variation of colours, finishes, and material samples. Users have the choice to create designs that are hard, flexible, fusible, flexy, or elastic, mimicking familiar materials of PMMA, ABS, hard wax, soft PVC, and silicon. The OLO mobile app measures the necessary amount of resin required per print in order to reduce/eliminate waste.

The OLO Smartphone 3D printer is currently financing on Kickstarter, having raised 507 % of its 80,000 $ goals in under 2 days. Pledges start at 99 $ for 1 OLO 3D printer with one resin bottle and a sticker kit. Optional accessories and extra gears of resin can be added for an extra amount.


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Prototyping and developing of the photo-polymers, app, and stock chain are already in development. Certifications, molds, testing, and production are going according to the program. And it’s available in the market but not for the entire region now. Keep yourself updated about this product launch in your market.

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