How Its Going To Be 50 Years Down The Line From Now

Have you ever imagined how will earth look after 50 years from now? Not all the people but some think about it or make a thought about future. Well, we can look onto some obvious things which are probably possible in coming years. Let’s focus on human being first. Chances are we all become Cyborgs. Our DNA will be taken at birth and weaknesses will be remedied, changed or catered for.

Our physical and mental attributes will be compared with our parents and grandparents. We will be made of our likely physical and mental skills. Our health will be continually monitored via built-in sensors, wearables, and clothes


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Housing will become expensive and buy a house will not be a choice for most young people. The transportable house will commonly use the most of the people or the vehicle will be livable as with caravans.

Schools and Education centres will become Resource Centres that will supply materials, equipment, and advice. But not by the teachers, chances are they will not exist till then and all courses will be accessible online.

The workforce will be reduced to a fraction of 1% with the help of automation, robots, and Artificial Intelligence. Most consumer goods will be permanent or disposable, our requirements will rarely require replacing other than for fashion

Meet the experts: children often find tablets more instinctive than adults.

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Our houses, suitable furniture, cars, pets, utensils, and possessions will be networked. All vehicles will be optionally self-drivable, they will use clean power, and it will be inexpensive or even free. Vehicles will be made of enduring materials.

Public transport will have communication links built in, and transport stations will also provide for communication needs and transport indicators for all requirements.



We will eat insects and artificially created food, along with normally grown food. It’s not sounding good but chances are there. Red meat will not be available and cattle farming will start fading. Computers will remind us to eat, how much to eat, what it contains, and make our diet chart. Our eating habits will be recorded.

The sport will have reached a point where the result of games and competitions will be largely anticipated. Young children will have their sporting potential foretold, so they will be instructed whether or not to take up specific sports.

The nature of entertainment will have changed completely, with many producing programs, will translate to your native language. You will no longer regard entertainment as separate from your work life, it will record automatically. You will carry your entertainment with you everywhere. It will be accessible at the touch of a button or a spoken command.

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In fifty years time, we will have the ultimate platform for all Media. The entire world’s comedies and tragedies will fit in your pocket waiting for your praise or despair.

Crime will almost vanish as houses will be very secure in the sense of locks and visual coverage. Anything that can be digitally recorded will be traceable, and items that now have a value like watches, computer equipment, etc, will be affordable disposable items in the future.

The money will not be the piece of paper in future. We can exchange equally priced items without money. If a dollar is equal to 10 cyber coins, and cyber coins only exist as a virtual currency.

Robots will be everywhere. From tiny cleaning robots that manage your kitchen, to package delivery drones, to guard drones and pretty possible that robots will replace the entire labour workforce of all developed nations. We have already seen many movies on robots serving or taking charge of human life.


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There are so many areas we can imagine on, like advertising, military, medical and many more fields. Well, we are still in the satisfying world of our need and human will never stop discovering and developing. We just can hope that coming future will bring happiness and convenient environment for our future generation.

Globalization or communication concept. Earth and luminous rays


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