Top 10 ‘EXTREME ADVENTURE SPORTS’ to try before you DIE!!!

Do you have the fear of heights, water, air or speed? Well, to answer you don’t have to put pressure on your head, just check out the below video and feel the adrenaline rush while watching those extreme sport activities which come with a set of cautions and statutory warning?

Do you think yourself as a blood core athlete or an adventure enthusiast but have you done enough to prove that? All you need to go through few safety precautions and guidelines and you will be ready to hit the board. From a list of over 100 Adventure Sports let’s have a look on Top 10 Extreme Adventure Sports and choose the best one for you before you die.

Water Jetpack

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Water Jetpack is a extreme and most exciting water-sport that you can experience on the water and has became famous all around the world. Water Jetpack is a board like a wakeboard with two pipes which, connected to a Jetski turbine with an 18 meters long pipe which allows its rider to get up to 10 meters above water. Water Jetpack is a new activity in Water Sports and gives a unique experience on the water. You can fly like Ironman above the water and can swim like a dolphin and can perform a lot of cool tricks like back-flips. It doesn’t require any experience but have to maintain balance on the board. Dubai is one of the best places for Water Jetpack in the world.

Scuba Diving

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Scuba Diving doesn’t really require you to know swimming. However, it’s mandatory to take up a course and need to be familiar with its regulations with a guide. As you sail across beautiful harmless fish and live corals, going inside the home of millions of fish and underwater caves, this sport is a wonder in itself. In Scuba Diving, diver uses a underwater breathing apparatus to breathe underwater and wear fins to propel the foot movements. The Blue Hole, Small Giftun Island, El Minya, Jackson Reed (Tiran Strait) are some of the best places to enjoy Scuba diving.



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This game just became a sport and has become a Championship Game, In Bobsledding, four runners on a ‘bobsleigh’ slide down an ice covered artificial or natural incline and gives a definite adrenaline rush. Bobsled drivers drop down a hill on a track which is mostly covered with snow, with full of twists and turns. Except maneuver the whole sleigh, it doesn’t have any functional controls. Any wrong turn or twist can cause you to fall, leading to severe injuries

Kite Wing

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Kite Wing is a wing shaped Sail designed to use wind power and provides the required speed to uplift the rider over varying surfaces like water, ice, snow, grass, asphalt, packed sand etc. Kite Wing provides greater power and stability in hands of the rider and making the ride comfortable and suited to our capabilities in order to take risk. Under good wind conditions, a Kite winger can reach a speed up to 80-90 km/hr. Safety measures need to be taken care with respect to fall like pads and safety leashes. The best is where the wind blows for Kite Wing


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Today, Skiing is not only a sport but also a become world championship event in the world. This cool sport requires the person to slide over the snow using long runners and skiing boots on Ice Mountains. Long runners are required to balance of the body. Depending upon the climatic conditions and the area, some skiing activities also includes a free-heel bindings and fixed-heel bindings. Most injuries occur in the knee or due to skids over the ice in this field. European Alps is the best place to enjoy ice skiing.

Dirt Biking

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To enjoy the open air and to explore the terrains, Dirt Biking is the best sport with its rugged construction and lightweight body which is powerful, fast and nimble. These bikes are specially built with rear shocks and suspension forks to absorb even big impacts from obstructions and large jumps. You can run through mountainous regions and rock terrains. Do not try this sport if you are not well- trained. It requires your upper body strength to be maneuvered at right positions and angles when needed. This sport can be carried out in rural roads, rough terrains or mountains.

Glacier Climbing

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This is one of the most challengingly yet exciting and dangerous sport. It requires a good health, fitness both mental and physical. It requires the climber to know the basic nuances of ice axes, safety ropes and harnesses. You should know the nature of ice as the temperature changes when the sun descends. It is advisable that you should know the basics of glacier climbing with a guide before you venture into this sport. Glacier Climbing is the one of the most exciting and thrilling experiences to go for and explore the adversities of nature closely. With proper safety equipments, ‘Jostedal Ice Cap’ in Norway is the best place to try Glacier climbing.

Canoeing & Kayaking

Woman Kayaking over Rapids

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Canoeing & Kayaking are two different terms due to the number of blades on the paddle and sitting position of the paddler. It is a water sport where the paddler sits in a boat facing the front, where the person has to wade using double paddling through the water. Canoeing & Kayaking vary on their design, in their medium of ports, material and the place where it’s done. ‘Whitewater Kayaking’ is the best kayaking, where the boat is taken down on the extreme currents in waterfalls, rivers and weirs. Some kayaking events even takes place in narrowing river mouths and caves. You should know good swimming and have a great force to paddle down oars, injuries are very few involved in this particular sport. It depends on the weather and time to do kayaking and memorable experiences can be taken at the Islands of Sicily or the Norwegian fjords.

Bungee Jumping

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With a body harness an elastic rope is suspended round the person who then jumps from a very high platform like a bridge, building or a natural rock structure. One can jump from a helicopter or hot air balloon. It’s exciting and thrilling as you feel the Adrenaline Rush in your veins and the feel of Gravity. You fall several meters unattended for seconds, when the cord falls with the person and then the cord recoils and you lurch up and down till all the energy in cords is dissipated. Major injuries in this sport can occur due to miscalculation of cord lengths or breakage of cord. The highest points for Bungee Jumping are at Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado in USA-1053 ft followed by Macau Tower in China which is 760 ft.


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Para gliders are light weight, free flying glider which can be launched by foot. The fabric has got no definite structure and can be shaped by its suspension lines. The aerodynamic structure of Para-glider helps in navigating the wind forces and the pressure of the air, above the fabric lines and the pilot can last up to 1-2 hours having a rise and dip in height depending on the lift exploitation. Paragliding involves a little technical knowledge on its launching and landing, the wind inflates the fabric for the person to start flying. Before going for a ride you need to take a few weeks of training, as it is one of the dangerous sports, the number of casualties is comparatively low. Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany and Chamonix/Mont Blanc, France are some of the best place to go for Para Gliding.

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