Robot Exhibition in Science Museum London

A human cannot hold himself to know new stuff, making new things and know about the existed things, but creating robot is the Humanity’s obsession with spanning more than 500 years and it will be explored at a Science Museum exhibition announced 10 may 2016.

The show, called Robots, will explore the quest to “rebuild ourselves as machines” and how scientists are creating automatons that can communicate with us in more realistic ways.

More than 100 objects will go on showing, from a 16th-century mechanical priest to steam-powered Victorian “men” made from brass and iron and the hi-tech assistants in modern-day research labs.


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Visitors will allow interacting with some of the 12 working robots on display, also containing 1500s an articulated iron structure, and 2.4 mtr-tall walking model from the Fifties called Cygan. Cygan, a 2.4 mtr tall robot from the 1950s, is placed in the Science Museum show

According to the museum, the name “robot” was formed in 1920, and the show examining the story, how they have been “shaped by the religious view, the industrial revolution, 20th-century modern culture, and dreams of the future”. The exhibition has been opened on 13th may. It took 4 years to bring together and track down objects from globally. One of the first biped models, a robot which is capable of taking a step forward. It was discovered in the basement of an Islington robotics firm.


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A £35,000 Kickstarter fundraising campaign was started 0n 10th may 2016, in a bid to rebuild “Eric” a Twenties “talking” robot, to be uncovered this autumn. The original Eric, created by 2 British investors, wowed crowds at London’s Royal Horticultural Halls in 1928 with a four-minute address, before wandering the world and then disappearing.


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The robot, which matched a knight, had blue sparks that came from its teeth, formed with 35,000 volts of electricity. It gave the impression of replying questions, but these were given by a secret person. Inside Eric’s body were motors, electromagnets and about 3 miles of wire moving his arms and head. If the Kickstarter campaign to remade him is successful, the fresh version will go on public show in October 2016 for a month before a worldwide tour.

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