Outfit Ideas For The Entire Week With Some Fashion Suggestions

Women are aware of the daily struggle of deciding what to wear. Here are some ideas on how to style your outfits for the week with some tips:-

  • Sunday


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A white lace top or shirt simply with chequered black and white pants or a similar looking pencil skirt looks fine. Color pop can be added with beige, red, or yellow heels. Match your bag and other accessories with your shoes.

  • Monday


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Try pairing colored/printed tops with beige/neutral nude pants. To get a formal look, select plain shirts and tops with small designs which don’t break the color or shirts with single colored horizontal stripes. For semi-casual look, wear a shirt which looks exceptional with its design or color.

Shoes can either be a dark beige shade, white or black. If your bag is also of a neutral shade, you can match your shoes to the color of your shirt, belt or any other accessory.

  • Tuesday


Picture Courtesy: www.outfittrends.com

Palazzo pants are all the in nowadays with their flared look having endless colors and patterns. For a formal look, choose grey, dark beige, blue, white, or black pants and pair them with bright hued tops and shirts. The top or shirt should not be loose or of a bigger size as it will go against the look.

While heels are best for this look, flats can also be worn as well if the pants fall shorter than ankle length. A bold belt will suit nice if planning on wearing plain white, nude or black tops.

  • Wednesday


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A midi-dress at work is evergreen and can easily be converted into an after-work party dress with the right efforts made. If you have a black or a navy blue plain midi-dress – a printed jacket, a loose fitting sweater & a nice scarf – all of these can create different looks with one outfit!

Colorful midi-dresses look great too and remember to pair your shoes with your bag as that could make or break the look. Go normal for shoes and bag if the dress has a bold design or pattern.

  • Thursday


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Almost at the weekend, so one wants to be a little more comfortable and wear something which can be worn at a start-of-the-weekend party. Leggings are what we suggest. While they are super comfortable and provide a casual look, with right tops and accessories you can create a semi-formal Thursday look. A long and slight loose white short with black or monochrome printed leggings is one option. Pairing a slightly flared mini-dress with matching legging is another try out as an idea.

  • Friday


Picture Courtesy: www.bloglovin.com

Lounge around in your pajamas until it’s time to put on your favorite weekend mini-dress. Not in the mood for partying? Don your denims whether it’s a shirt, skirt or shorts. Sneakers or flip flops will go with all of these.

  • Saturday


Picture Courtesy: getstylishlook.blogspot.com

Want to go to a Saturday brunch? Take out your pretty shift dress. A-line dress that flare out from the waist and shirt-dresses work great for a relaxed Saturday outing.

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