Echopixel’s Virtual Reality Tech For Healthcare

In today’s world, Virtual Reality sounds quite familiar due to the new dimensions in technology. With an innovative set of mind Echopixel has launched Virtual Reality in Healthcare. Imagine the use of Virtual Technology to find disease into your body, the medical imaging startup will help doctors to pinpoint problem areas using 3D glasses and a special display from CT scans.

Most of the doctors view CT scans in 2D, which means they cannot see inside the details of your body, though it’s harder to find the exact problem. After a long wait since 1880 as 2D images are still being used.


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With EchoPixel and 3D glasses, human internal organs can be popped-off the screen like holograms hence, doctors can virtually examine a patient from every angle. EchoPixel will entirely improve healthcare sector while reducing costs and time for patients and hospitals. Being one of the most promising ways VR is making in-roads in healthcare.

For specific procedures, Information can be tailored and doctors can zoom in and pull out something to find the problem areas right from your body scan and can 3D print the image having a working model for further studies. For example, a weird lesion on your intestines is easier to find and examine.


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The 3D tech’s ability to enlarge small parts of the body virtually is especially helpful for treating newborns. Clinical studies has shown that doctors were able to find 90% more connatural heart defects in newborns within 40 percent less time. It’s much quicker to place medical devices like stents as doctors can examine in 3D. In a trial, it showed the sizing time to just 2 minutes reduced from 40 minutes.

Referring to EchoPixel’s tech as interactive VR, though it’s not like Oculus or Vive also more convenient. Doctors can just peek inside and can see 3D image of where they are working, instead of strap on and off a Virtual Reality headset during a procedure.


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The startup had raised a $5.8 million seed round and now it is selling three-year subscriptions for $25,000 a year to its technology. Other companies in the space include RealView and Surgical Theater.

Check out the above video to see this technology as ‘How it Works’

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