Design your own Pizza on ‘Pizza Hut interactive table’

Pizza, one of the most eatable items all over the world, every person has their own taste of pizza as how it should be.

From different crust options to flavoured combinations, ordering pizza is a straightforward process.

Houever, Pizza Hut has a solution – launching an interactive table that allows customers to prepare their own dish exactly how they like it.
Recently, the chain has released a concept video showing customers throwing around digital toppings, playing games and spinning pizza bases on tabletops.

The interactive table guides the customers in preparing their own pizza creations; the TABLE is designed with the help of Chaotic Moon Studios (Texas-based).


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In order to prepare the Pizza any customer has to follow simple Steps, visuals shows different options provided for sauce, toppings, base and sides. By sliding their finger, customers can drag and drop their selection over the table

The table also has a feature that can even recognize a customer via their Smartphone and allows them to pay quickly used saved debit and credit card details.

Once preparation the dream pizza is finished on the table, it is sent off to the oven and a handy counter tells as how long it will take till it’s ready.


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While the pizza is being prepared, customers can play game on Pizza-crafting touch surface via gaming apps.

This is just a concept for the time being, but for some time other restaurants like Inamo in London’s Soho, have already started using interactive tabletops.

Same as the Pizza Hut concept, Inamo’s tables are capable of playing games and providing GPS based services, such as ordering a cab.

There’s only one thing to worry about are greasy fingerprints on table. So, remember to wash hands before you tuck in.

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